So Chief Justice John Roberts Doesn’t Think ‘Fag’ Is A Naughty Word?

In Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ majority opinion in the Westboro Baptist Church’s First Amendment case, he writes, in defense of the hatemongers, “The protest was not unruly. There was no shouting, profanity or violence.” Actually, the Westbororings use the word “fag” all the time, verbally and in their signs, and even their domain names Does that mean Justice Roberts doesn’t thing “fag” is a profane word, like “fuck” or “slut”? Is “nigger” or “spic”? Somebody please get me a copy of the Supreme Court’s style guide. The church’s members may not engage in obscene speech, which is not constitutionally protected, but it is most definitely profane. Of course, that profane language was used is almost besides the point: the Supreme Court ruled the church has First Amendment rights, and nothing it did was not constitutionally protected. (NB: I’ve been trying to find any evidence Westboro used “fag” at the funeral of Albert Snyder’s Marine son Matthew, and I couldn’t. I only see where their signs read “Thank god for dead soldiers” and “Thank god for IEDs,” but at a military funeral that had nothing to do with homosexuality, it’s possible their signs for this event didn’t use the word “fag.” I’m perfectly willing to be proven wrong, so if you have evidence, please share.)

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