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So Does Boston’s Gay Nightlife Suck These Days or What?

Can somebody explain to us how nightlife works in Boston? So, the train thingy shuts down before the bars close? And the bars have last call around 130am? And everybody is ugly?

Hey, we’re just repeating what we’ve heard. We literally have no idea how Boston’s homosexuals get down.

Like New York City, Boston is in the throws of its own cyclical wave of gay nightlife evolution. (Read: Everything is closing.) A promoter named Chris Harris says without a huge dedicated gay venue in the B, he’s taken to throwing parties at the House of Blues. And it’s being taken over by straights?

Today it’s not uncommon for hordes of single women, bachelorette parties or even straight couples to venture into Harris’ club night. “House music has taken its own turn,” he said. “It’s still alive and well in the gay community, but it also drives a lot of straight guys and girls to the gay clubs as well. A lot of guys feel more comfortable bringing their girlfriend to a gay night and not have any worries. And we get a lot of single girls, too, for the same reason. It’s really diverse now.”

Just a fair warning: They’ll be coming for your gentrified neighborhoods next. Oh, the South End has already gone breeder? And the heteros don’t find anything funny about taking over a place called the Back Bay?

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