So… How Do Lesbian Weddings Differ From Gay Weddings?

Watching these gay wedding celebrations at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall, we have a few thoughts:

1) Where are all the gay hipsters? Or are they, like, all too cool and too “indie” to buy into that mainstream crap? “I liked gay marriage more when it was illegal.”

2) It’s interesting and a tinge sad that most of the weddings in this video only consist of two people tying the knot instead of larger groups of families and friends. On one hand, New York just passed marriage equality barely a month ago so there hasn’t been a lot of time to plan. Also, some of these couples have been waiting years to tie the knot that they probably wanted to do it on the first day that could and then get back on with life without a huge, costly production—why not save the money for the marriage, instead of the wedding?

On the other hand though, one can’t deny that many families still disapprove of gay relationships because of social, religious, or cultural values. We wonder how many of these people’s families weren’t invited at all because they wouldn’t have wanted to attend anyway. As such, government officiants stand in as the parental surrogates, with hugs, congratulations, and celebrations ready for the happy couples. As social perceptions continue to change, let’s hope we see more families and friends attending these events.

3) As they continue to happen, how will gay marriages differ from lesbian ones? We mean, aside from whole penis-vagina, gender-typed clothing thing? Different celebrations? Different superstitions? We say it’s time to create some queer wedding traditions, eh?