So How Much Money Will Marriage Equality Actually Bring Into New York?

When we designed some postcards to help fight for marriage in New York, we estimated that marriage equality might pump $102 million into the New York economy. But according to a recent study, it’s much more.

The Advocate reports:

The Williams Institute, an LGBT-related think-tank at the University of California, Los Angeles, has the latest estimate on how many marriage equality-related tourism dollars will roll into New York State in the first year gay couples can marry there: $155 million.

“The estimate is based on the experience of the five previous states that have extended marriage to same-sex couples and new Census 2010 data for New York released just last week,” according to a release from the think-tank.

And since we haven’t seen the study yet, there’s no telling whether or not it includes travel, hotels, restaurants, hired staff, honeymoons, decorations and all the other costly tidbits that come along with marriage. California lost out on the pink dollars when they passed Proposition 8. This is America, a strong financial argument might sway the wing voters who couldn’t give a crap about human rights and fairness. Heck, even Neil Patrick Harris agrees.