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So How Well Did Sarah Palin Attack The Media?

America’s Victim Sarah Palin last night made her first television appearance — on a network that pays her to appear — since her proud Vimeo video showing. And just like last time, the interview has already been shaped as an attack on her lamestream media critics, and not the dead and injured victims of the Safeway shooting. “Those on the left hate my message,” she tells Sean Hannity, “and will do all that they can to stop me because they don’t like the message.” No, Sarah, we don’t like your BANGS. I hate them!! In between explaining to America what “blood libel” actually means, Plain [Ed: intentional sic] insists, “My defense wasn’t self-defense. It was about defending those falsely accused. Soon the entire state of Arizona was being falsely accused of somehow being accessories to this.” It’s like the entire state of Arizona was in the crosshairs!

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