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So How Well Did Sarah Palin Attack The Media?

America’s Victim Sarah Palin last night made her first television appearance — on a network that pays her to appear — since her proud Vimeo video showing. And just like last time, the interview has already been shaped as an attack on her lamestream media critics, and not the dead and injured victims of the Safeway shooting. “Those on the left hate my message,” she tells Sean Hannity, “and will do all that they can to stop me because they don’t like the message.” No, Sarah, we don’t like your BANGS. I hate them!! In between explaining to America what “blood libel” actually means, Plain [Ed: intentional sic] insists, “My defense wasn’t self-defense. It was about defending those falsely accused. Soon the entire state of Arizona was being falsely accused of somehow being accessories to this.” It’s like the entire state of Arizona was in the crosshairs!

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  • SometimesElla

    “Plain insists, ‘My defense wasn’t self-defense…'”

    I think that’s officially my favorite typo ever. It’s incorrect, but is it REALLY??

  • zacht

    it was intentional. hence the [Ed: intentional sic]……

  • Craig

    Good on you Queerty for including her whole interview, rather than joining the “lamesteam” media in misrepresenting her.

  • SometimesElla

    @zacht: Didn’t exist when I commented. Thanks though.

  • paulD

    Really, it’s too bad the media and the Democrats don’t just totally ignore her. Don’t give her any airtime, don’t respond to her bullshit, just ignore her. She’s a pest and just wants any attention she can garner. It probably won’t happen, but I have chosen to ignore anything and everything she has to say or comment on.

  • SouthSideShorty

    So let me get this straight: She’s the hater and you’re the victim, right? And this is because she was blamed for inciting violence (which she did not), and chose to defend herself against such vitriol.

    Listen, I’m certainly no fan of the bimbo Palin, but whenever people go off on her for things like her kids, her bangs, her guns, or especially things in which she had no influence (like nutjobs who go around shooting people), it indeed only serves to make her the victim and you the angry bigots who’re throwing the hate around. In other words, the only reason Sarah Palin has any influence in the media is because of hateful people who continue to give her that power. PaulD is right: Ignore her and she’ll go away.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Southside Shorty – She had no influence over her kids? Did you really say that?? I agree with you 1000% that if the media would ignore her she would go away. Eventually the mainstream republicans will make her go away anyhow. Don’t lessen your good points with indefensible ones.

  • gregger

    @SouthSideShorty: Dear SSS, When that hateful stupid woman put both her feet in that mouth of hers by invoking the term “blood libel” while putting the blame on the media, she created a bigger shitstorm by proving that she used a term she still does not have even the basic understanding of the more than 500 year history of this phrase and how down right rude and insensitive it is to use that term. The use of the term gets even worse when you take into account, the Congresswoman whom was injured and earlier was identified by Palin herself in the media by name with gunsight crosshairs, is JEWISH!!!

    Hopefully people across the nation will begin to see how truly stupid and intentionally ignorant the consequences of her words and deeds former governor Palin is, along with that when she does her mean spirited verbal attacks on people and the people respond to her vile words and deeds she cries victim and shakes with, hopefully, fake rage. I agree the D party and the media needs to stop giving her attention, but her own attempts to get attention and her poor use of the English give cry to let it all come to light and let the public see what a vile creature she is.

  • Cam


    So by people going after her kids, were you referring to the time her children called somebody faggot a bunch of times on a public social media forum? Yes, you’re right, they were such victims for being told that that was wrong.

  • RomanHans

    Please, it’s obvious SouthSideShorty doesn’t have a brain in his head. I’m pretty sure Fox isn’t going to ignore Palin; in fact, you know, they PAY HER. So, if we ignored her, it’d give her a free pass. She plays the victim, so we concede. Obviously you’ve put a lot of thought into this.

  • SouthSideShorty

    My dear, dear fellow queers . . .
    It amazes me to no end that you’re so angry at a woman who, for all practical purposes, has no relevance in our society. She’s not a politician. She’s not a movie star. She’s a former VP candidate who contributes her opinion to certain news orgs. I never said she was intelligent, never said she had no influence in raising her kids (just that her kids don’t deserve the venom spewed at them by the Left just for being Palins), but I find your unfounded hatred for her, well, amusing. Ask your shrink: When you hate someone for no concrete reason, it’s call “derangement.” Something to work on . . .

  • kayla

    Let Sarah talk, I pray to God that she runs for President. If she does then she’s got a great shot of winning the Republican nomination…if only…Run Sarah run!!!

  • Soupy

    I know. I’m hoping that she adds Michele Bachmann to her ticket. Or Sharron Angle. It will be the greatest political farce of all time. Please send your donations to Sarah’s PAC.

  • gregger

    @SouthSideShorty: I don’t hate Palin, I don’t hate her children. I despise her actions (usually negative), her self entitled and teflon attitude, and the way she trots or holds out her children out for any sort of positive publicity and takes responsibility for them and yet refuses to take responsibility for her own bad words or negative actions and those negative issues with her children.

    In short, I don’t like her hypocrisy and I find her personally laughable. I don’t hate her, she isn’t worth my energy.

  • GregorVonK

    Lame-stream indeed.

  • Pip

    She has a point in that many liberals direct violent speech at HER.

  • Soupy

    The only point that she has is on top of her head.

  • Jamie

    Hey Southside: you say she didn’t incite any violence, yet we have the concrete evidence that she did, in fact, incite violence. Putting crosshairs over Rep. Gifford’s district, combined with using rhetoric like “lock and load” and “don’t retreat, reload!” gave Loughner the permission he needed to justify committing this heinous crime. Sprinkle with a little Angle-ism — “Second Amendment remedies” — add teabagger hatred of everything governmental, and you have a clear recipe for exactly what happened.

    It’s merely your opinion that she did/did not. Maybe you don’t understand what that means (incitement or opinion, take your pick). Then, when confronted with her role in the matter, she attempts to deflect any responsibility. Now, is that how a leader behaves? No. No, it’s not. Leaders lead… by example. By her example, we’d all just whine about everything, do the opposite of what we say, and when caught in a lie, lie some more to attempt to cover it up. And when under pressure to actually do something, just quit.

    I don’t hate Palin. I hate her lies, her self-serving and violent rhetoric, and I hate the way that she manipulates people, many of whom aren’t equipped to tell the difference between reality and Palin’s world.

  • CJ

    Even Queerty has to talk about Palin. Too bad we can’t escape it here. Did she say something LGBT related? Then… why do we feel compelled to always talk about here?

  • Mysanthropic Destiny


    Its easier to disliek her than a society that avidly eats up and accepts what she says. You can’t stop people from being or acting stupid, but you can dislike a person who misrepresents themselves and events for self-promotion and profit.

  • KalperniaRena

    Wow, I really wish she would stop saying “horrendous”. Its getting annoying.

  • justiceontherocks

    @KalperniaRena: You’re just part of the liberal elite who is afraid of her and taking America back to its most basic Christian values like the Bible says.

  • dan skinner

    Palin seems to be the only person who will take a dump and then stupidly step into her own shit… then look around and see who she can blame for the crap on her shoes…

  • Black Pegasus

    No NO NO!!

    Sarah you’re imploding way too soon! I wanted you to get the Republican Presidential Nomination, and embarrass the republican party after Barack Obama eviscerates you!!

    Dumb Bish!

  • jckfmsincty

    Half Governor/Half Wit Sarah Palin is becoming a right wing, domestic terrorist.

  • Craig

    Jamie, democrats have likewise used military motifs in their graphics and language. If you argue that Palin incited violence, then by implication, you are also accusing Democrats of the same thing. This is an interesting read
    You dont hate Palin? Yea right.

  • Gregger

    @Craig: The Dems did it in 2004 & 2006. The Reps screamed foul. The Reps did it in 2010. I think the Republitards did the bigger screw the pooch.

  • wondering

    Is this how Loughner Was Radicalized? Attended School Funded by Obama/Ayers Chicago Annenberg

  • Jeffree

    @Wondering: Based on his youTube videos & writings, Loughner had concurrent substance abuse issues combined with a thought disorder.

    All of which means, he couldn’t grasp reality or check his assumptions on how the the world works.

    What is your point?

  • James

    She’s a moron and I’m tired of her. She’s so full of shit, trying to make out as if Democrats don’t care about America and only Republicans do. Republicans are the ones who fucked this country up in the first place. Sean Hannity is a douchbag too. He formally worked on the radio in Athens, Alabama, the hellhole of society.

    Sarah Palin is a shit stirrer and she doesn’t want to take responsibility for what she did. I’m really embarrassed for America right now. At least with Bush, as much as I didn’t like him, I still respected him. I have zero respect for this bitch. John McCain has done America a great disservice by electing this fucking bitch as Vice President. I hope and pray this slut goes away soon. Doubt it though.

    p.s. Child bullying? Her little brat of a daughter used the word “faggot,” the little whore deserves everything she gets. Why does this fucking bitch get more airtime than THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? AAAAGHH!

  • christopher di spirito

    Mama Grifter’s time in the sun has passed. Her 15 minutes is up.

    Like I said on another blog, forever and always, this dumb broad will forever be associated with the Tucson massacre that resulted in the shooting of 18 people, and the deaths of U.S. District Judge John Rolls and a nine year old kid, as well as the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

    Giffords, BTW, is doing better each day. They say she may even be able to leave the hospital in a week.

  • hephaestion

    Palin represents everything that is wrong with America.
    Luckily there are many people who represent the Best of America, but none of them are Republicans.

  • Franco

    Is it possible for her to construct a proper sentence? She rambles.

  • Coxygru

    When Sarah rambles, the poor dear tends to gets heartburn and heartache confused! 4’40” Then, watch Hannity get all tough on her at the 10″ mark. Good thing they’re BFs, otherwise you’d think he was bullying her… (not).

  • gregger

    @Franco: It took her six years and five colleges to complete her undergrad degree. Couple that with how she did not complete her term as Governor of Alaska, that should explain why she is unable to construct complete sentences and just employs phrases.

  • Gigi

    Unfortunately Palin does have a great deal of influence. She tweets and her entire fanbase listens. We might think of her as the mean-spirited quitter that she is but a large majority of the disenfranchised populace hang on her every word. When I’m in my happy place I invoke a time BP (before Palin) & I blame all of this on McCain and his handlers. If they had chosen someone, anyone, else to be his running mate we would still be blissfully unaware of her existence.

  • Cam

    @SouthSideShorty: Said…

    My dear, dear fellow queers . . .
    It amazes me to no end that you’re so angry at a woman who, for all practical purposes, has no relevance in our society.”

    I never said I was angry, I responded to your comment that people were “Going after her kids”. I merely pointed out that people merely pointed out the wrongheadedness of her kids using bigoted slurs on a public social network site, and that the kids started the issue and merely correcting them isn’t an attack. You then changed the subject to now be about anger.

  • Spike

    Gotta love her delusions. And the more she talks the lower her approval rating drop. BTW the 2012 elections occur she will be single digits and even the tea-baggers will be tuning out.

  • Michael in Toronto

    Thank God I’m not an American. This woman is so maddening and dangerous that if I were a Yank, I’d be obsessed with her and would have to move to Canada!

  • Zzee

    How DARE she cite the memory of Dr. King in one of her dumbass folksy speeches?! Really, Plain? Really?!

  • ewe

    There always is a cartoon network show that can depict her.

  • Atomicrob

    I find it shocking that anyone would listen to anything she has to say. It’s all so nonsensical, staged and vapid.

  • Jamie

    @ Craig: Did I say that no one else had used similar imagery? No. And they should be — and were — called out for it. But the political climate in which Palin used these images, and again, in conjunction with specific, violent rhetoric, makes the use of crosshairs stand out as particularly damaging to our culture. Now, I know that’s a nuanced position, and conservatives don’t do nuance, but please try to make a distinction between targeting a district for representational change, and putting a congresswoman in the crosshairs of your rifle scope, whilst shouting “Lock and Load!” and “Don’t retreat, reload!” (not to mention the numerous other examples of figures contributing to this political climate, such as Angle, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, on and on…).

    Why don’t you believe me when I say I don’t hate Palin? Is it that you can’t hold two contradictory thoughts in your brain at the same time? Oh wait, that’s that fickle bitch ‘nuance’ again. So let me tell you a short story. I have a lovely neighbor lady, getting on in years, who is bat.shit.crazy.conservative and yet, we get along just fine. She know’s I’m a ‘mo, and has even said to me “but you’re not like them queers…” (which is actually a sanitized version of her remark). I could hate her; she spouts the same bs she hears on the teevee, idolizes Palin and the rest of the conservative talking heads, and even donates money to conservative causes despite living on a fixed income so far below the poverty line it makes you sick to your stomach. As long as we don’t talk politics or anything gay, she’s wonderful, witty, and a pleasure. But I am gay and a political animal, and have taken it upon myself to change her opinion. Will I? Probably not; once a died-in-the-wool (fill in the blank…), always one. But I must work to change her mind, even if only in minor ways, because that’s how progress is made.

  • GregorVonK

    On the question of just how well Sarah Palin “attack the media” or–for that matter–speak to ANY issue: she is really a horribly ineffective speaker when she’s not on a teleprompter. For that matter, she’s not so great, even when she IS reading a prepared script. Resultantly, even in those instances where she MIGHT have a valid opinion, she is so poorly spoken that, unless you’re one of her disciples, you’re going to find her thought process muddled and meandering.

    Although she has adult children, Sarah reminds me of nothing so much as an inarticulate teenager, one who cannot even begin to organize her thoughts to express anything coherent. If you’ve ever taught high school (or college for that matter), you’ve likely seen this phenomenon probably every day of your teaching career. Kids get so tongue-tied and flustered trying to express themselves that you can’t tell whether they have the germ of an idea or not.

    So, no, I don’t necessarily think she’s dumb. She may just be completely out of her depth. Either way, she’s not ready for prime time. There will, of course, be an audience for her (people who are JUST as inarticulate more than likely and who mistake her ramblings for “telling it like it is”). Highly unlikely that’s enough of a constituency to get her elected to much of anything on the national level.

  • Jeffree

    Palin is good with the talking points her staff writes, but her lack of curiosity and education result in her goin’ all in circles when she’s asked a simple question. All she knows is what she just said, so she can’t articulate any more facts or opinions.

    Thats why she prefers to communicate via Twitter & press releases, and only does interviews when everything is carefully scripted.

    She’s not qualified to serve on a lkocal school board not to mention a full-term governor,, a cabinet member or Pres/ VP/Social Secretary.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Jeffree: I don’t think she remembers the beginning of her sentence by the time she gets to the end of it.

  • Manic

    Wow, her voice starts wavering right from the beginning. What a show! Give her an Oscar!

  • Tea Party Member

    Ha, you liberals make me laugh. Everytime you all spew your hate everywhere it comes back two fold in republican power. Keep advertising for the DemoRat party! Its amazing that probably everyone of you are basement dwelling, living at your mommas house, living off wellfare, no contribution to society losers. Get a job and maybe you wont have to worry about every little thing Palin sais. She is twice the human being any of you ever will be anyways. You all realise you are all tools? The liberals/socialists think you are cattle to be herded anyways. I have a challenge for you all. Study the REAL Palin without your MSNBC bullshit bias and I can assure you that you will think twice about your hateful rhetoric. Stop being herded by George Soros and the commie/anarchists. By the way…That hate will tear you apart piece by piece…

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