So Kurt’s First Gay Glee Was Kiss Was A Surprise. So Was His Teacher Confrontation

Ah, so this is why Darren Criss was being so coy about how far his character and Kurt are gonna go this season. Spoilers ahead.

Chris Colfer’s character Kurt, who has never kissed a boy before, was supposed to (in my head at least) share his first smooch with Criss’ Blaine. But things didn’t go according to (my) plan, as Kurt’s debut lip-lock with another man was brought to you by a … bully, as in Dave Karofsky’s football jock character played by Max Adler.

You can see the Facebook posts of high school bullies now: “I’m never going to beat up another fag, because Glee taught me bullying makes me gay!” Brava, Ryan Murphy.

But that wasn’t even the best part of the episode. Niether was the return of Puck. The real drama came when Matthew Morrison’s Will Schuester, who arranged another boys v. girls sing-off, tries (woefully) to console Kurt, who promptly responds, “Can I be honest with you? You and everyone else at this school are too quick to let homophobia slide, and your lesson plans are boring and repetitive. I mean, boys against girls? That doesn’t challenge any of us.” SNAP! And as we know know, only Blaine can effectively offer Kurt a shoulder and an ear. All together now: Awwww.

(NB: And for the record, Mr. Criss would like to take this opportunity to come out. As straight: “I had all the components in place. I was, well, not super effeminate, but I was into girly things—I liked musical theater, all the stereotypical things. I had to come out and say, well, I’m sorry, but I think I’m straight. And people were like, say it ain’t so! And I would say, ‘It’s been a secret too long, but I’m actually a straight male.’”)

Watch: Glee’s Blaine Serenades Kurt With ‘Teenage Dream’

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  • TheInsider

    This is preposterous and dangerous. Too bad the show went this way.

  • hudson

    loved it! i think i actually gasped. would be great to see max develop as a real person without it being either corny or predictable.

  • Adam

    I thought it was wonderful! Ryan Murphy was true to his word, when they put a gay kiss in it was completely apart of the plot. (I was watching it with my cousin and we both gasped!) And then to have it be Kurt’s first kiss gives a great depth to the conflict. Best show on television (and I love how the writers are slowly making Kurt the lead.)

  • Chad

    Even more predictable and scary is that Karofsky will kill himself by season end.

  • Fitz

    @Chad: @Chad: I would LOVE to see that. I would enshrine my TiVo and never erase it. I would watch him killing himself over and over and over again with a bottle of lube in one hand.

  • Topher

    learn to spell “neither” correctly please.

  • Qjersey

    Remember previous leaks: Murphy has said he would like to see Kurt going to the prom with another guy and be crowned “Kings.”

    I bet the “Kurtofsky” plot line is just beginning.

  • Qjersey

    BTW I totally gave that same speech 20 years ago to some dumb ass in high school. I didn’t get the kiss though, but he slithered away and never bothered me again.

  • FreddyMertz

    There were more “gasp” on this show than the election last Tuesday. lol. Loving it!!!!!

  • DR

    I thought it was well-written and well-acted. This is why Colfer was nominated for an emmy.

    The next step is to keep the plot going. Max Adler (who plays Karofsky) has the chops to do this, Colfer has the chops to do it, and the story needs to keep going deeper. I’d like to see the scenes between them go beyond shoving matches in the hallway and develop some depth.

    As for Blaine, I like him. I like his message about courage versus running away, very relevant and true. Friends are wonderful, and the way he speaks to Kurt and can hopefully relate to Kurt is much-needed, but in the end, unless Kurt transfers, he needs to be able to stand up on his own at times.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how both plots develop. I hope Murphy doesn’t screw either one up.

  • James

    I thought it was the best episode of the season so far – It actually advanced the plot and developed the characters, and had some grade-A acting. Also, the songs were nice.

    And can I just say that, aside from being totally WOOF-licious, Max Adler was right up there with Chris Colfer as far as acting chops are concerned??

  • Chad


    Personally not into snuff films, but yes, I now look forward to any appearance of Karofsky for daydream material. That was the hottest kiss on TV in a LONG, LONG time.

  • Gwegowee

    In other news, I turned to my boyfriend (a highschool choral director) after the final scene and asked, “Do you make out with your colleagues when they feel unattractive?” His response: a definitive “NO.”

  • stephen

    The look in Kurt’s face when Max still shoved him was heartbreaking. I do hope that Kurt and Blaine end up together though, too adorable!

    Also, the storyline with Biest and Schu was also incredible. This was probably my favorite episode so far.

  • Rando

    Epic. Absolutely epic.

    Loved it. It had real feeling in it.

  • GlacierGuy

    Ummm, WOW didn’t see that coming! I think it’s a fantastic twist! Now the question remains…will the jock and glee boy become an item? There is so much drama to unfold I can’t contain myself! Glee just keeps getting better and better!

  • David Ehrenstein





  • King August

    I, too, wish that Karofsky’s character develops and this plot resolves not to violence, i.e. suicide, but something more positive, even if Kurt and Karofksy don’t end up together.

    This episode was written by Brad Falchuk, which also penned the better episodes of the series, e.g. Grilled Cheesus this season, Preggers, Home and the previous season’s finale. When he writes the episode, it’s visceral, compared to Ryan Murphy’s, which sometimes end up heavy on auto-tuned entertainment and light on story.

  • Jonno

    I always thought he was straight.

  • Steve

    @TheInsider: Dangerous? For who? This just showed that a guy was so confused with his sexuality that he beat others up. It basically painted homophobic bullies… as extreme closet cases. It took the “coolness” out of being a gay-basher, because it says that gay-bashers are gay themselves, which is the worst nightmare for a gay-basher.

    Besides that, Kurt had a lot of inspiring lines, like to Mr. Schuester or when he confronted Karofsky and said “You can’t beat the gay out of me.” How is that dangerous, instilling pride in people?

    I want to see how Jason will respond to his last post:

    “Glee is a homophobic show. Don’t fall for the notion that it’s gay-friendly.

    Glee has failed to show any male-male kisses. It’s using all these hints to distract you. The producers of Glee appear to be uncomfortable about showing two guys kissing, and they’re just dragging it out so that they never have to show it.

    It’s called the “let’s make them weary” strategy. Obama has used it against us in relation to DADT too.

    In a nutshell, Glee is a homophobic show and the producers appear to be uncomfortable about showing two guys kissing on the show.”

  • Brad


    What? Glee just showed two guys kissing. How is the show afraid to show two guys kissing? Did you bother to watch the clip?

    The show has made a point of dealing with homophobia since the show started. It’s committed to giving Kurt a real boyfriend.

    There are other characters on the show who have no love life at all or no exploration into their sexual nature. (Hello! We speak of the stereotypical, sassy, overweight, but loveless teen girl.)

  • REBELComx

    I did not at all see the kiss coming until a split second before it happened. Karofsky’s acting was spectacular as he began to tear up with Colfer confronting him. I think I gasped a long with the rest of you. And lets not forget what that kiss means. It not only shows us that this jock is picking on Kurt just to hide his own sexuality, but to hide his secret ATTRACTION to Kurt. I’m sure we’ll see more of this developing in the future. I’m sad that he continued to bully him at the end of the episode. But i also keep waiting for Kurt to come to realize the true meaning of the words on the inside of his locker. He does have the courage…the bully is the one that’s actually scared.
    This episode was spectacular. I absolutely loathed the Rocky Horror episode last week and they nearly lost me because of it. But this episode totally reminded me why i watch this show. This was well written, well acted, and the music was there to support the story, not the other way around. Oh and they actually mentioned Sectionals! FINALLY some basis of a plot rather than them just jumping right to nationals.
    And I know I’m gonna get flack for this. But am I the only one not into Criss? Even in “A Very Potter Musical” and its sequel, I thought he was kind of boring looking. And despite the flash or two of genuine personality he showed in this episode…he seems like kind of a douchebag.

  • James

    Also, and I’m really impressed at Max Adler’s acting chops for this, Karofsky tries to go for a SECOND kiss (look at the expression on his face!), which is when Kurt repels him. And they both NAIL the scene, it’s heart-wrenching.

  • TedinCalifornia

    I must have watched that kiss scene 4 times, and it was surprising each and every time! It never occured to me that Korafsky was gay; I just thought that he and Azemio were just grade A douches to advance the plot. Now Max Adler (who has shown he is a great actor) will get to expand Korafsky’s role. It will be interesting to see where this goes. And I just have to say, in regards to the comment about Brad Falchuk. If he really has written the better episodes, why on earth don’t they just hand him the captain’s chair? Murphy can direct and have script input, but leave the emmy-level writing to Falchuk.

  • kityglitr

    @Brad: If you’d payed a little attention, you would see that Steve was just pointing out ANOTHER COMMENTER’S previous statements. Those were not the words of Steve.

  • Giovannidude

    When this show first started, and focused on the hateful cheerleading coach, I disliked it. Now I think it’s the best show on TV. One of the few with guts enough to portray life as it really is.

    And Chris Colfer, as Kurt, is clearly the star of the show. Even if he doesn’t get that billing.

    This week’s episode was the real deal.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    I hadn’t watched Glee since the first Cheno episode.

    Now, I’m glad I didn’t. Show sucks. One trope after another.

    I’ll watch out of StarKid loyalty, but GRAH. I’ll take my Modern Family and Cougar Town any day over this trollop.

  • mr mr mr

    @Steve: its dangerous bc this particular fantasy – that the homophoba is really gay is promoted a lot in our culture. What do you think the kid being bullied may think after watching or hearing yet one more time about the people bullying him? the danger is expectatons of how to cope with the bully

  • Joe

    This wasn’t a surprise to me, but it sure was nice to see!

  • michiko

    Sorry, i thought this episode was utter crap. A kid is a homophobic bully because he’s secretly gay? Ugh, sounds like an after-school special.

    And Schu telling the Beast about the kid’s making fun of her? That was just cruel. Only a complete moron thinks honesty is the best policy.

    Probably the worst episode Ive seen in a long while. Hope it gets back on track.

  • Ian

    I see now the effects of far too many queerlings who grew up on Will and Grace that they actually believe this past episode of Glee to be gay-friendly! On the one hand it DID deal positively with homophobic bullying. However, there were 4 hetero-kissing pairings that showed either passion or kindness. The one gay kiss shows anger, shock and a small dash of revulsion. That is called a DOUBLE-STANDARD people.

    The gay characters can be out & proud, BUT can show no actual physical affection like the hetero-pairings. You will NOT see Kurt romantically kissing, romantically holding hands, locked arm in arm with a boyfriend, etc. What you will see is as always contrived situations where all the straight characters will be dancing at the prom, but because either Kurt or his boyfriend are singing on stage they can only look lovingly at each other – from a polite restraining order’s distance.

  • Baxter

    @Steve: Except that the vast majority of homophobic bullies probably aren’t tormented closet case. They’re just run of the mill assholes. I’m not sure we want people to start feeling sorry for bullies because of their inner conflicts.

    I thought this whole episode was cringe-worthy. I died when Mr. Schue kissed the Coach: that had to be the most patronizing thing possible to do. The only thing worse was when he actually told her what the kids were saying. His character is such a creepy train wreck.

    It feels like only every third episode is good. You’ll have one terrible theme music episode with no plot, one terrible after school special, and then finally a good episode which manages to move the plot along, be funny, and not totally cliched. Hopefully next week.

  • Greg Garavani

    OHH MYYY GODDD. I would’ve let the jock fuck me in the locker room if he wanted! YUMMY!!!

  • Ross

    awwwwwwwwww. It would’ve been more romantic if Blaine kissed Kurt though. T.T

  • thedarkchariot

    Hold up. Hold up. Hold up.

    I’m in the camp that’s reacting negatively to this. Why can’t Kurt have a functional relationship? Not keeping score, but all the straight characters are on either their first or second (or third! Think, Quinn!) relationship now. Why can’t Kurt have a functional, healthy one?

    That being said, the show is (hopefully) leaning towards making Kurt and Blaine an item, so that’s good. I’m just kinda pissed that Kurt’s first kiss was dysfunctional and full of hatred.

  • Hilarious

    @TheInsider: What?

    When I was in High School and didn’t even know I was gay, one bully did figure it out, and let his little buddies pick on me all hour long.

    He even came over and flirted with me to “prove” it, but failed because I didn’t pay him any attention.

    The following year after we graduated we happened to be going to the same college and I was walking to lunch with a guy who actually liked me and didn’t care who knew it.

    Guess who had his eyes trained on me looking lonely as all get out without his little crew? Yep, my bully, the closeted bigot(who had a “girlfriend” I might add).

    He stared at us the entire time looking the way I used to look at him. Karma is a bitch and what they showed on Glee with the bully is true to real life more often than not.

    It’s no different than little kids picking on each other when they have a crush, but it is more dangerous, and hurtful at an older age.

    While he may not have physically hit me it seriously hurt to have a crush I did absolutely nothing to sit by and let his friends harass me for an entire year. My only crime was occasionally stealing the same glances he was giving me.

    Glee may not have hit your life experiences last night, but it sure touched on mine, and I’m sure others who’ve been bullied by someone who honestly had a mutual crush on them and didn’t know how to handle it. And yeah maybe those bullies did watch the show and are waking up to what they’re doing. I doubt they’ll go running through the streets at pride any time soon, but they may stop picking on the guys they like.

    You don’t pay attention to people you’re not attracted to and if you disagree maybe you should look up the definition of attraction.

  • Hilarious

    @Baxter: Please…lol.

    One of the guys who actually let me know he liked me in High School used to address me with “What’s up, faggot.” everyday.

    People are not machines. We have complex thought patterns. It’s not as open and shut as “People are assholes, end of story.”, there’s always more to it.

    Do you want to solve the problem or just demonize them to keep it going? No one is saying they aren’t wrong, but repeating that over and over won’t solve anything, nor will putting them away somewhere.

    The fact of the matter is most homophobic SCHOOL bullies are actually gay. I know for an absolute fact almost all of the bullies who threw homophobia around were in fact gay themselves. I knew this because they talked it about it way too much and couldn’t help but stare at all the guys they accused of staring at other guys.

    High School is full of machismo. If you’re not the most alpha of alpha males you will be made fun of and you will be called “gay” or “fag” by other insecure and scared gay teens who are literally scared to death of themselves and people finding out.

    I couldn’t even say the word gay just a few years ago. That’s how deep fear of persecution runs.

    To diminish the effects of this witch hunt only makes the problem worse. And honestly trying to demonize other gay people due to the effects of homophobia is just as wrong as them bullying gay people.

    That’s not to say every single homophobic person is gay, but the most intensely homophobic people usually are because they have something to hide. They try to make up for what they know in their hearts by screaming the loudest and hating the hardest.

    So yeah they do deserve our sympathy because there’s literally nothing worse than hating yourself.

  • scott ny'er

    @Ian: NIcely said.

    To me, I watched this clip and found it so UNBELIEVABLE. I know this show is like 98% fantasy. But, this was weird. I mean, really, how often does this happen? I think people didn’t see this coming because the writers probably just thoughts about it 2 weeks ago. I mean, were there any hints in previous episodes? Questioning looks from the jock? A quick look at a gay web site? Anything? Now, if there were clues, then that would be excellent writing and directing. But, somehow, i doubt it.

    I think Degrassi did this better with Marco. And that show is very amateur.

  • ~R~

    @Fitz: You disgust me! The idea that anyone could get off on the idea of someone killing themself (over and over)is sick. Pathetic may be a better word to use. Ah, so perhaps you actually do not disgust me. I certainly do pity you though.

  • ~R~

    @scott ny’er: In actuality, this idea is recycled (sort of) from the Buffy episode where Xander’s bully mistakingly thinks Xander is hitting on him and basically comes out to him. While I enjoyed that moment in Buffy alot, it was no where near as rivetting and powerful as it is in this Glee episode.

  • Steve


    @mr mr mr:

    Except, if you pay attention to the episode, you would see that Karofsky isn’t the only bully to Kurt. Santana and Puck were completely disrespectful to Kurt, the other football jock, Azimo, is still out there, and at the end of the episode, we see Karofsky is still at his bullying ways and Kurt still seems generally upset by it, whether Karofsky is gay or not.

    This episode doesn’t condone blind sympathy for bullies, and it certainly doesn’t paint every single bully as a closet case. Besides, the rest of Kurt’s storyline was finding Blaine and forming a connection with him (anyone notice how theyr an down that hall, holding hands, in slow motion and all?) and how Kurt learns to stand up for himself. I honestly fail to see how the hell this episode is dangerous because, when you actually look at it, it offers more than just the closet case bully, and it offers courageous words for gay people.

  • JayCanuck

    @DR: On-set spoilers say Kurt transfers to Dalton (Blaine’s school) and even performs with them for sectionals, against New Directions

  • Mike in London UK

    @David Ehrenstein

    Do you use that phrase on EVERY Glee posting?
    (just asking)

  • skzip888

    They used it for shock, but they put the emphasis on the fact that Kurt’s first kiss was ruined by some guy who had no boundaries when it came to sex or violence. If this were 1995, they would start making out and seeing each other on the sly, but in this day and age, we know someone messed up like that’s not going to stop pounding the shot out of you just because you happen to be dating them.

    And no, if someone makes overtures of beating your face in, you confront them where there are witnesses.

  • Aaron

    I’m not a huge Glee fan (their covers are an assault on my ears, and the show is full of stereotypes and plays out like wish fulfillment…), but I’ve seen a few episodes (from the first season) and have loosely kept up with the plot, so I feel I have enough knowledge to comment on this: I admire glee for actually casting a Gay person in a Gay role, but it really upsets me that they’re probably going to cast only straight men in the roles of Kurt’s love interests (granted I haven’t heard about all three guys’s sexuality). What the hell is Hollywood’s problem with actually letting two gay guys, or bi guys, or whatever combo, play Gay/Bi characters? That offends me much more than the actual writing involving Kurt.

  • BubbasBack

    Cheap stunt and very unrealistic. Pass the beer. BURP.

  • Clint

    This show’s a little bit ridiculous… but Kurt always has hot clothes.

  • samthor

    I thought it was pretty good.
    Quite a few of those bullies who go out of their way to torment “the gay kid” are overcompensating for something themselves.
    Of course most of those bullies go on into politics as a Republican……

  • Miles

    This is off topic but does anyone know what happened to “morning goods?” Did Queerty drop it?

  • scott ny'er

    OK. I watched the whole episode. The dude who played Kurt was really good. Some nice acting. Best scene was at the all-boys prep school. Altho, Blaine GRABBING Kurt’s hand and running with him, like they are in a sun-filled, green meadow, was a little unrealistic.

    The dude who played the gay jock also acted pretty good. And it’s a little more believable in the context of the episode. But really, it still is unbelievable.

    I’m glad that the dude who can’t sing and the chick from Spring Awakening are not as front and center anymore. That REALLY irritated me. Also that stupid, mean, female cheerleading coach. That character just irks.

  • pete

    It amazes me that some people take this show literally. I love it!

  • Ian

    @skzip888: From what’s been said so far, that Kurt’s character is to be part of a power couple with a jock that will win Prom king & king, and based on what happened in this episode I am willing to bet that Blaine is a red herring in terms of boyfriend material and that by the end of the season Kurt will be dating his abuser/bully. Mark my words, once AGAIN, that Glee is NOT gay-friendly!!!

  • Adam

    @thedarkchariot: I think that’s part of the point: Kurt’s first kiss came from a hateful bully. It’s emblematic of the ways bullying can eff with your life well beyond the realm of the physically violent.

    Also a good thing: Karofsky went in for a second kiss, and Kurt was like NO WAY DOUCHEBAG. Great moment.

  • Joe

    @thedarkchariot: Because this is showing reality. Think about it, in reality straight kids go through relationships a lot faster than gay kids do. At least in high school. You want Kurt to have equal relationship time as the others, but that’s a fantasy world. The frustration you’re feeling from watching this comes from the frustration of gay kids in High School…something the straight kids watching know nothing about.

    I think they’re doing an excellent job showing Kurt’s reality, and not sugar coating it by showing him dating non-stop and always having someone on his arm.

    Sometimes life is lonely for gay kids…and that’s, IMHO, what they are showing.

  • johanna

    I am not understanding the outcry about this episode. I don’t know what you’re taught in America, but my whole life, myself and everyone around me has been taught to stand up to bullies and speak out against persecution. How is it a bad thing for Kurt to confront his bully? Should he run, like Blaine? Should he wait for a faculty member to do something? Will already picked up on it, and he did nothing. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands.

  • Robert

    I love how some bullies are saying, “Oh crap, I better not beat up on Lanciepoo because I might be thought of as gay myself!…I think I’ll just bully that Pointdexter over there instead!”

    Good one, Glee!

  • john

    i luv kurt and i need him,mmmhh!

  • eylül

    very very beatiful

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