So Kurt’s First Gay Glee Was Kiss Was A Surprise. So Was His Teacher Confrontation

Ah, so this is why Darren Criss was being so coy about how far his character and Kurt are gonna go this season. Spoilers ahead.

Chris Colfer’s character Kurt, who has never kissed a boy before, was supposed to (in my head at least) share his first smooch with Criss’ Blaine. But things didn’t go according to (my) plan, as Kurt’s debut lip-lock with another man was brought to you by a … bully, as in Dave Karofsky’s football jock character played by Max Adler.

You can see the Facebook posts of high school bullies now: “I’m never going to beat up another fag, because Glee taught me bullying makes me gay!” Brava, Ryan Murphy.

But that wasn’t even the best part of the episode. Niether was the return of Puck. The real drama came when Matthew Morrison’s Will Schuester, who arranged another boys v. girls sing-off, tries (woefully) to console Kurt, who promptly responds, “Can I be honest with you? You and everyone else at this school are too quick to let homophobia slide, and your lesson plans are boring and repetitive. I mean, boys against girls? That doesn’t challenge any of us.” SNAP! And as we know know, only Blaine can effectively offer Kurt a shoulder and an ear. All together now: Awwww.

(NB: And for the record, Mr. Criss would like to take this opportunity to come out. As straight: “I had all the components in place. I was, well, not super effeminate, but I was into girly things—I liked musical theater, all the stereotypical things. I had to come out and say, well, I’m sorry, but I think I’m straight. And people were like, say it ain’t so! And I would say, ‘It’s been a secret too long, but I’m actually a straight male.'”)

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