So Many Famous Persons’ Brothers Caught The Gay

Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Richard Gere, Chris Evans, and Anne Hathaway all have one thing in common: gay brothers! This JapaneseChinese-language round up of celebrities and their homo siblings won’t break news, but we’re big fans of wrapping big ideas in tight little packages.

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  • Cassy

    This is not Japanese. I think it’s Chinese Mandarin, but I could be wrong.

  • Ayden


    Yes, you’re correct. This is Standard Chinese (Mandarin), not Japanese.

  • headbang8

    That was beautiful, until the last sentence. “Their infalible sense of style makes sure that their brother or sister shoots to the top.”


    Please, no jokes about Daniel O’Donnell and Chris Arnold failing in their family roles.

  • ggreen

    I showed this to a native mandarin speaker, his comment was:” What a vapid story, the queeny news reader learned from Berlitz or Rosetta Stone DIY”.

  • Timmeeeyyy

    Wow, it’s like 10-15% of all celebrity siblings are gay!

  • Lady Stardust

    @ggreen: Wow, what a vapid comment, the bitchy native speaker shows no appreciation to someone learning one of the hardest second languages to master.

  • 7SK

    Michael Hatthaway is damn cute.

  • DC

    @Lady Stardust:

    Agreed. It’s not only specific to Chinese, however. I think it’s absolutely unthinking when someone faults a non-native speaker for mangling words/grammar or having an accent. I’m sure the native Mandarin speaker has an accent in any other second, third, fourth language too.

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