So Much for the Mr. Gay China Pageant: Police Shut It Down

And here we were, all excited for some hot Chinese guys to strut their stuff in the first ever Mr. Gay China pageant, and along come the authorities to shut down the entire thing — just an hour before the show was supposed to go on.

It’s not that Chinese officials had a problem with the gay nature of the show, they claim, but rather organizers didn’t go through the proper channels to secure a permit to put on such a show. Uh huh. That’s sort of the police’s way of saying, This is too risque!

By not allowing the competition, you might suspect it means China will have nobody to send to Oslo next month for the Worldwide Mr. Gay pageant. But you’d be wrong! Somehow, organizers still plan to pick a winner (private swimwear competitions?) to compete on the world stage. Well, if he can get a passport outta there.

UPDATE: Organizers have reneged on the decision to send a competitor to the international Mr. Gay, though they’re not explaining why.