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So Naked Yoga Is Basically Erotica, With More Stretching?

I have little doubt that if you performed many of the positions in Ryan Clifford and Max Coles’ Naked Power Yoga DVD, you would burn a few calories and be on your way to having the toned bodies of these two. You’d also find yourself far too aroused to ever get yourself into chaturanga dandasana. [Trailer possibly NSFW, given all the naked butts.]

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  • Austin (not that Austin)

    I love my naked yoga class!
    I’m standing there, muscles taught, working up a sweat,
    and don’t care cause I’m focused on a gorgeous butt
    on the next mat.
    Cobra position lying on volcanic rocks, ouch.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Apparently naked yoga causes all your body hair to fall off….

  • Spike

    2011 version of bad soft core porn.

  • Hector

    Something I’ve been looking for for the longest time is having someone videotape a guy on a stair machine in the nude. One of my fantasies. *sigh* :(:

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