So North Carolina Just Became The Most Homophobic State In The Nation


Let the backlash begin.

Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina (pictured) just signed what many are calling the most antigay law of the century.

Yesterday, Republican lawmakers in North Carolina held a special session to pass HB2, a bill designed to terminate all LGBTQ nondiscrimination ordinances across the entire state, thus making it legal to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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That’s right, folks. It is now perfectly legal in the state of North Carolina to fire someone, deny them housing, healthcare or employment, refuse them services, deny them access to public facilities, and on and on and on simply because they are LGBTQ. On top of that, any city that wants to adopt a nondiscrimination ordinance to protect its LGBTQ citizens is forbidden from doing so.

Lawmakers were given just five minutes to read the bill before beginning debate. It was then rushed through both chambers of the General Assembly and sent to the Governor’s desk, where he signed it the second it got there.

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In a statement, Gov. McCrory said he signed to bill to combat “government overreach.”

“The basic expectation of privacy in the most personal of settings, a restroom or locker room, for each gender was violated by government overreach and intrusion by the mayor and city council of Charlotte,” McCrory said, adding that nondiscrimination ordinances “defy common sense and basic community norms.”

McCrory concluded his statement by urging officials not to fight the new law but to instead “get back to working on the issues most important to our citizens.”

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But LGBTQ rights group are already pushing back.

The Human Rights Campaign, American Civil Liberties Union and Equality North Carolina have begun organizing a rally to discuss how to combat the new law. Several companies that are based in the state, including Dow Chemical, Biogen and software giant Red Hat have also voiced their disapproval with the law.

It remains to be seen what will happen next, though we’re predicting it’s not gonna be pretty.

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