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So Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Danielle Staub Might Be a (Lesbian) Famewhore Now?

Who knew RHONJ cast member Danielle Staub could actually sing? Like, not Countess LuAnn de Lesseps’s version of “singing,” but actual singing. On last night’s Watch What Happens, Bravogay Andy Cohen welcomed Staub and “lesbian superstar” (loves it) Lori Michaels and they performed their duet. I kind of liked it! And then Staub intimated they were a couple.

What a nice diversion from her sex tape scandal. You knew something was up when Staub stared into Michaels’ eyes during the performance. Then they sat down, uh, on top of each other. And when prompted by Cohen about their more-than-friendship, Staub demured. (Video of that here.)

Allow the Internet to express its thoughts on Staub playing into the lez novelty rumors! Staub is an “Uncle Tom dyke,” a phrase I am so stealing.

And for those wondering who this Michaels is, well: