So That’s What Gay Means!?

Some people can’t understand why gay journos like Kenneth Walsh post pictures of hunky men. Luckily, OutsportsJim Buzinski helps LA Daily News understand:

“When it comes to visuals in sports, gay men and straight men are very similar except for the genders that we look at… Men are more visual. So we are just doing what mainstream sites do but we are catering to our audiences. If you look at Sports Illustrated or ESPN magazine, they all have some kind of photo gallery of hot babes in sports, or cheerleaders of the week. In a sense, that is geared toward what their audience mostly is: heterosexual.”

So on Outsports, the photo galleries feature male athletes since its audience skews toward gay men…

Don’t you love when everything comes together? We’ve got one question, though, do you think Buzinski uses the phrase “hot babe” when discussing men like Jeremy Bloom (pictured) or is it reserved for ladies only?

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