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So the White House Has Told Congress Exactly How to Repeal DADT? Really?

Rep. Barney Frank says the White House is “ducking” out on its commitment to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. But you guys, Press Sec. Robert Gibbs insists Obama has given “clear direction” on how Congress can repeal the law. This is funny to the federal lawmakers involved in the repeal, because they did not receive that memo. Also, neither did voters. Not to be the jerk in the room, but can anyone read between Gibbs’ lines and explain what, if anything, was said?

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  • Cam

    This B.S. The press secretary pretends that the WH wants DADT gone, but then the Department of Justice is still defending it in court using every horrible stereotype of gays to say that they would make bad soldiers. Sorry but they can’t talk out of both sides of their mouth, they either think this is a bad policy and want it gone, or they agree with it and dragging their feet to ensure that nothing is done. Obama has massive Political momentum right now as do the Dems. They just passed Health Care over the screaming foaming at the mouth objections of the the right wing. Getting small bills through can absolutly be done. But then again, if you really ARE a bigot and hate gays it IS much easier to keep up this game of blame passing.

  • Lanjier

    Hey “Reason” any thoughts? Obama is there just signing bills, right? He doesn’t set the agenda, right? He is a robot with the pen. But when complex legislation is crafted and signed — not the simple repeal we are talking about here — your love muffin is right there, beaming with pride. No pride for us, however. he really thinks gays are going to turn out for the midterms?

  • adman

    Mullen:Good cop Other guy:Bad Cop. Dog and pony show of the classic type. Obama better step in, we are gaining too many allies and it is too close to the midterms. I have to assume that Obama knows what’s going on in the media with momentum on our issues? THen again…

  • reason

    @Lanjier: I honestly have no idea what your talking about, I have never said presidents don’t set agendas. Nor have I said that presidents can’t impact policy debates. I will say that a president does not have a magic wand, it takes coequal branches of government to get laws past. This president is most definitely not my love muffin, I like some of his policies and dislike others. It just happens that I support more then I oppose as I have with Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. I was born during the Regan years but opposed more than I support his policies reading back on them, and George W well… I still gave W credit when it was due, and put listening before attacking. I don’t blindly hate Obama or his approach to problem solving, I see a bit of H.W. with a little more pizazz and slightly different world view. I am a pragmatist and support this president, if that ticks you off so be it, it’s a free country and your free to hate; your also free to vote as you choose. If you choose to squander a right that many Americans died for so be it; many gays, myself included, will be at the ballot box this fall.

  • J

    @reason: Obama-mama is not stupid. I’d put a wager on this as his plan. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong and will gladly admit so. I’m not huge into political terms…so here goes.
    I’d wager that he is dragging his feet in order to catch everone off guard. Dems and Repubs alike. Doesn’t Congress and Senate go into Summer recess? I bet he’s waiting to act until they’re out. He’ll wave his magic wand and put a complete stop to all discharges and make some executive order saying its done. Then all the Gays will love him, and he acted right before elections in hopes he will regain the super-majority in both houses.
    Or something to that effect. Correct me if I’m wrong, or throw in another scenario (besides not doing a damn thing). I like optimism.
    Unfortunately though, for dems, it may be too little too late. It almost already is. No?

  • Johns

    @Cam: What DOJ is defending in court is the government’s power to enact DADT. There’s nothing inconsistent about a position that says, “This is a bad policy and we’d like to work toward its repeal, but it was within our authority.”

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