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So This AIDS Vaccine Actually … Works?


So there was this bit of good news about the discovery of antibodies that can prevent HIV from multiplying, and now another breakthrough: Researchers in Thailand say their vaccine reduced the risk of contracting HIV by a third. “The study was carried out by the US army and the Thai government over seven years on volunteers – all HIV-negative men and women aged between 18 and 30 – in parts of Thailand. The vaccine was a combination of two older vaccines that on their own had not cut infection rates. Half of the volunteers were given the vaccine, while the other half were given a placebo – and all were given counselling on HIV/Aids prevention. Participants were tested for HIV infection every six months for three years. The results found that the chances of catching HIV were 31.2% less for those who had taken the vaccine – with 74 people who did not get the vaccine infected and 51 of the vaccinated group infected.” And wouldn’t you know it: The U.S. Army was behind the research.

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