So We Lost Marriage In Australia. Now What?

Well, there’s no denying that the news from Australia last week was sad: individual territories can’t pass marriage equality bills on their own, so everyone who got married in the ACT is now effectively unmarried. It’s similar to the nullification of marriages that happened in San Francisco in 2004, after the state Supreme Court nullified the marriages kicked off by Gavin Newsom.

But there’s also some good news: the court ruled that the federal government is the only entity that can pass marriage legislation, so that turns up the pressure on Parliament and the Prime Minister to act in 2014.

Next year’s likely to be just as busy as 2013, if not busier. In addition to the ongoing Australian work, marriage will start in England and Wales in March.

And in America, we’ll see tons of activity around a variety of lawsuits. We just had a hearing in Arkansas, and we’re moving toward a hearing in Texas. Rulings are also pending in a variety of states.

And Oregon has made it official: they’ve collected enough signatures to put marriage equality on the ballot next year. Just 11 months remain to move public opinion.