So What Does Dan Choi Think Of Michele Bachmann’s Glitterbombing?

Pro-queer activists have publicly poured glitter on three different GOP Presidential candidates: Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, and now Michele Bachmann.

COLAGE (an organization for people with LGBT parents) and Get Equal helped organize Bachmann’s sprinkling. So what does Get Equal compatriot Dan Choi have to say about the new glitter bombing trend?

Ian Awesome from One Angry Queer asked Choi. Here’s Choi’s response:

“Glitter makes anything more joyous, celebratory and fabulous. The gentle ‘Glitter-Bombings’ we have seen recently are non-harmful, non-threatening, non-lethal and non-violent manifestations of immense fabulousness. Furthermore, it is an organic and heartfelt statement that increases the joy of all people endowed with a sense of humor. It also brings attention to the dearth of joy in the hearts of the offended parties. I hope we see more of it, for in these times we should share laughter more often, not less often, and I heartily look forward to any attempts by my critics to glitter-bomb me, so long as they also agree to share a drink with me. Fabulousness would be had by all.”

Um, no Dan. We only glitter bomb anti-gay politicians. You’re just trying to get a free drink.

Lezmo-raised activist Rachel E. B. Lang sprinkled Bachman while yelling, “You can run, but you cannot hide! Keep your hate out of our Constitution!”—a reference to anti-gay pastor Bradlee Dean’s You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Ministries, an organization that Bachmann and other GOPs have supported.

Bilerico’s Dr. Jillian T. Weiss points out that commenters on Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, and Glenn Beck’s websites want “the glitterati” murdered and sent to Guantanamo Bay, while largely ignoring far-right extremists who have actually killed government figures.

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  • Nemo

    We really need to stop paying attention to Dan Choi. He’s just an embarrassing old queen who was in the right place at the wrong time, and now forever grasps at his fame, struggling for relevance. Be an activist, Dan. Not a whore.

  • ousslander

    sounds like most of he pele promoted as heros.

  • SpireaX

    I disagree with Nemo If being 30 y.o. (Choi was born in 1981) makes one an “embarrassing old queen” but an honest provocateur, proud and out LGBT activist, then Nemo has no perspective whatsoever. (He must be best friends with Matt Hissey of GOProud.)

    Dan has EARNED the right to do what he feels is right to nudge progress in the LGBT landscape even I don’t always agree with his methods. He has earned his stripes.

  • Jase

    Glitter bombing is bad for the gay rights movement. And so is Dan Choi.

  • Mark

    Whan many stories do not mention is that Rachel E. B. Lang, the glitter thrower has a lesbian mom who is Lutheran minster herself!

  • Pip

    I love glitter bombing. I don’t think one Republican candidate should be allowed to take the stage without some bit of glitter caked in their hair or eyes or on their clothes etc.

  • Spike

    Glitter bombs are HAWTE. Miss Choi, not.

  • Jeff

    I just wish they would use finer ground glitter, as it is SO HARD to get off…they’d go through the rest of teh day/week with it when they are on TV!

  • Josh

    Qweerty has expressed some weird attitudes lately. Them seem to be inordinately critical of choi (only implied in this article, but more overt in others). Why? I, like choi, am sick of being treated like crap. I applaud choi for using the strong words and actions that too many of us don’t. I wish qweerty would snap put of it and get the chip off their shoulder – they are starting to sound like go proud.

  • Ian Awesome

    I am delighted that Nick Espinosa referred to Newt Gingrich as “frumpy and sad.” Also: Rachel E. B. Lang was one of the most delightful people that I got to speak with at Netroots Nation (excluding Daniel, natch). Finally! OF COURSE DAN CHOI IS A MEDIA WHORE. Without the attention grabbing direct action (and the occasional ripped up flyer, wink wink) gets, we would have far less discussion of these issues on a public level, instead leaving advocacy to closed meetings between large orgs and government officials.

    Congrats to these guys for their hard work, and shame to the right wing b-holes who are threatening their well-being.

  • David B.

    Glitterbombing is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! The people who commit these crimes are no better than the terrorists, and I mean that literally. They’re no different than the Westboro freaks. How would you like it if a bunch of anti-gay activists went around spraying gay activists with Masengil? I know, “that’s different!” No it’s not!!! It is EXACTLY the same!

    Either acknowledge that EVERYONE–even people who disagree with you or who think homosexuality is wrong–have equal rights to express their opinions and be free from intimidation and harrassment, or cop to the fact that you’re only motivated by self-interest and leave “rights” out of your rhetoric.

    I know a bunch of people are going to give a bunch of reasons why this kind of vicious assault is “justified” in this instance. Well, guess what? The terrorists think they’re justified as well. The ends do not justify the means!

    People need to just GROW UP!!! And learn what it means to be civil and respectful of others!

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