So What’s Going On With The New York Marriage Equality Bill Anyway?

It looks like the beleaguered GOP caucus in the New York Senate is still figuring out whether or not to vote for marriage equality, even though the state Assembly has already passed it 80 to 63.

The Senate vote may be delayed until next week, but so far two GOP senators have so far pledged to vote “YES” for marriage equality alongside the Democratic Caucus.

Will one more GOP senator vote “YES”?

Call these “swing” senators to ask them to swing our way. Lady Gaga did (even though her Telephone headdress was used in the assembly to argue against marriage equality).

If Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos doesn’t bring marriage equality to a vote by the end of the legislative session (which ends next week) or the bill doesn’t get passed, you can bet your sweet ass that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo will give Skelos hell for embarrassing them and blunting all lobbying efforts. Also New York’s LGBT community come down upon the GOP Caucus and anti-gay senator Ruben Diaz “with the force of a thousand violins.”

That’s not my line—it’s a line from New Jersey born gay playwrights Christopher Durang’s show The Nature And Purpose Of The Universe. That line rawks—use it everyday each day for the rest of your life.

Example: Ooooh, gurl. Once I get ahold of her thievin ass I swear I’m gonna come down upon her with the force of a thousand violins!

See? Fun.