So Where Does Bill O’Reilly Stand On Marriage Equality? Depends On What Day It Is.

256px-BillOReillySept2010Does Bill O’Reilly think that marriage equality is part of the “secular progressive” agenda that includes the War on Christmas? Yes.

Does Bill O’Reilly think that marriage equality has merit legally. Yes.

Does Bill O’Reilly think that marriage equality is the same as marrying a duck? Yes.

Does Bill O’Reilly allow that he doesn’t “feel strongly” about marriage equality one way or another? Yes.

So what the hell does Bill O’Reilly really think?

Based on his most recent rant, O’Reilly seems to think we are coming a-gunning for the infant Jesus on his birthday. “In order to remake the United States into a progressive nation, the committed left must diminish Judeo-Christian tradition which stands in opposition to them,” O’Reilly proclaimed on his radio show Wednesday. Number four on the secularist agenda: marriage equality.

“And here the secular progressives have won,” O’Reilly admitted. “They have turned public opinion around and gay marriage is now legal in many places. Once again, the Judeo-Christian philosophy opposes marriage unless it is between one man and one woman.”

If you define that philosophy narrowly, true. But plenty of the faithful define it more broadly.

In any case, by all appearances this seems to be the same Bill O’Reilly who complained that opponents of marriage equality did nothing more than “thump the Bible.” Seems like he’s got his own crazy beat going there.

We know that it’s a bit much to expect coherence from a man who once suggested that marriage equality wasn’t as bad as abortion because “nobody gets hurt.” Still, the thing about evolving on an issue is that you’re supposed to stop at some point and not revisit your starting place.

Seems like O’Reilly is trapped in a perpetual evolution.

H/t: Erik Wemple