Material, girl!

Sofia Vergara stole Alaska’s act at the Golden Globes

We hope Sofia Vergara is feeling like Melania Trump the morning after the Republican National Convention.

At last night’s Golden Globes, Vergara was on hand to introduce Sylvester Stallone’s daughters — Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet, which is already sounding a little weird. The three girls were sharing the title of Miss Golden Globe, which we did not know was a thing but there you go.

And boy does Sofia need some new material. Whoever wrote her introduction basically just had her get up on stage in a very fancy dress and say the word “anal” quickly followed by “anus.”

Get it? Because she’s not from here — it’s hilarious!

Actually, it wasn’t. It was awkward and weird, which you may relive below:

But wait.

Haven’t we heard this act before? Yes, and from a much more credible source: Alaska Thunderfuck.

Here’s Alaska’s crowning moment from RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2. Anything sound familiar?


Alaska even has a rather work unfriendly single and music video called “Anus,” and it’s perfect in the way that Alaska is perfect.

It’s high time awards show writers stop pilfering the material of our drag royalty!

Also, even if you wouldn’t call the move a “steal” per se, the whole “funny accent broken English” joke is a bit tired regardless.