Some Actress Thinks Timberlake’s A “Fairy”

Sallie Toussaint certainly didn’t mince words when it came to Justin Timberlake. The – um – actress known as “woman from opera” in The Departed and “Blinged-Out Girlfriend” from a singular The Sopranos episode wonders what people see in the fey J.T: “I would definitely not date a guy like [Timberlake]! Bringing sexy back? Why doesn’t he bring his b – – -s back?” We’re assuming the word Page Six chose to censor is “balls”. Although, we do wonder: if J.T. has lost his balls, how, where, why, when…and, most importantly, who?

Ms. Toussaint goes on to explain her ire’s origin:

After the Janet [Jackson] thing where he didn’t step up, I stopped liking him. He could have helped tremendously by just being a man, but he didn’t. He ripped her top and ran. Timberwuss is quite the fairy.

If this hopeful starlet doesn’t have a publicist, she needs one. If she has one, she needs to fire them.

PS: We may have found photographic evidence of Timberlake’s “fairy” behavior. Careful, though – it’s not safe for work. In fact, it’s not safe for anywhere. The image you’ll see after the jump will haunt you for life…


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  • bakalakas

    That’s go gay!

  • bakalakas

    That’s so gay!

  • Dawster

    what? no “dick in the box” reference?

  • James

    She does have a point. Timberlake did act like a little punk after tittie-gate.

  • EricCz

    HEY! Flipper’s not gay…he’s gay friendly!

  • EricCz

    HEY, Flipper is not gay…he’s gay-friendly!

  • EricCz

    HEY! Flipper’s not gay…he’s gay friendly!

  • jim

    Suddenly that R.E.M. song just jumped into my head, “Shiny Happy People.”

  • el polacko

    yikes… i just, coincidentally, read an article about having gay sex with dolphins (they are totally up for it.. but oral only guys, ’cause otherwise they can literally fuck you up with their prehensile weiners) so maybe this ‘actress’ has a point….. ?

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