Some Actress Thinks Timberlake’s A “Fairy”

Sallie Toussaint certainly didn’t mince words when it came to Justin Timberlake. The – um – actress known as “woman from opera” in The Departed and “Blinged-Out Girlfriend” from a singular The Sopranos episode wonders what people see in the fey J.T: “I would definitely not date a guy like [Timberlake]! Bringing sexy back? Why doesn’t he bring his b – – -s back?” We’re assuming the word Page Six chose to censor is “balls”. Although, we do wonder: if J.T. has lost his balls, how, where, why, when…and, most importantly, who?

Ms. Toussaint goes on to explain her ire’s origin:

After the Janet [Jackson] thing where he didn’t step up, I stopped liking him. He could have helped tremendously by just being a man, but he didn’t. He ripped her top and ran. Timberwuss is quite the fairy.

If this hopeful starlet doesn’t have a publicist, she needs one. If she has one, she needs to fire them.

PS: We may have found photographic evidence of Timberlake’s “fairy” behavior. Careful, though – it’s not safe for work. In fact, it’s not safe for anywhere. The image you’ll see after the jump will haunt you for life…