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Some Colourful Marchers Raise Awareness Of London’s Absent AIDS Memorial

You can find AIDS memorials in almost every major city in the world. In most cities you can find a couple! New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam… oh wait, but not in London.

In London today for World AIDS Day, the London AIDS Memorial campaign invites folks to dress in your party reds and join in the “AIDS Swish” at 6pm which parades down Old Compton Street into Soho – the notoriously gay pocket of London – where all of the gay bars will commemorate with Red Thursday and all play Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

The organisers of the AIDS Swish say, “The AIDS Swish is an affirmation – we’re here and we care, not just about ourselves but each other… Swishers are encouraged to carry glo-sticks for the duration of the event and to dress up, be creative, eye catching and fun.”

While the AIDS Swish is not connected to any specific charity, there will be many charities ready and willing to accept donations in Soho. The AIDS Swish’s goal is to raise awareness that “London has no permanent AIDS Memorial, where people can gather at any time, from any country, for any reason of remembrance.” The London AIDS Memorial campaign is hoping to host the AIDS Swish every year until a permanent memorial has been achieved.

Last year Sienna Miller supported the RED campaign and lit the London Eye red for World AIDS Day 2010. Hopefully the AIDS Memorial campaign will be able to garner interest and create a more permanent memorial in London.

Image via Jayel Aheram