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Some Cute Boston Boys Made a Ke¢ha Music Video to Distract You From Her Actual Lyrics

If, like us, it took you exactly 14 hours to grow tired of “Tik Tok,” and 90 minutes to be exhausted from “Blah Blah Blah,” then here’s another track from lousy pop star Ke¢ha for you to put on blast. “Take It Off,” from what we can tell in listening to 15 seconds of lyrics, is about going to the club and grabbing some bub. And this college flag football team in Boston put together their own adorable video for it. They calls themselves the Boys Of Boston, and they would like to strip for you.

It’s the latest in the growing trend phenomenon of fan-created music videos (to be fair, the BOB hoped to enter their video in a contest, and didn’t just create it for shits and gigs), where shameless men with no fears of being Googled by future employers agree to take part.


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  • EQ82

    Cute, but not as good as the “Tik Tok” parody you posted a while ago.

  • Jimmy


  • Wicked Gay Blog

    Thanks for the mention Queerty!

    FYI, most if not ALL of the guys in the video are gay. It is a gay team.

  • alan brickman

    Gays dancing and lip synching……what a surprise……

  • adam

    I love it! Those guys are HOT.

  • DR

    It’s fun, but wish they would have picked a different song. I can’t watch the video with that autotuning crap going on, no matter how good-looking the guys are.

  • Geoff M

    The first 30 seconds were worth the song! Kudos to the boys!

  • AlwaysGay

    Fun. I wish we could see more of their bodies.

  • Devon

    Put it on mute and it’s great.

  • cj

    @Devon: it worked. thank you

  • jason

    I think it’s great that ordinary guys are going over the heads of the record companies in terms of the videos that are produced for female singers. The companies have a strict policy of not allowing any male-male action or too much of a male aesthetic in the official music videos. Just look at Lady Gaga.

  • Oscar


  • Georgy

    Sorry this didn’t turn me on. Was it supposed to? Or was it supposed to be just fun? Sexy or fun? Or satire? I used to be in love with white boys and their bodies, now it’s just all so vanilla and like I’ve seen it all before. Same bodies, same pecs, same body shape, same clean cute yet with a little teased flair hair style. What about some diversity. And yes I know there was a tiny bit of diversity in the video. By the way I’m white.

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