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  • Alan

    Wait I thought not having to wear makeup was one of the benefits of being a man…

  • Tessie Tura

    Judging from the video-still pic, I really don’t see a need to seek these two out for hair and makeup tips.

  • Max

    Seriously – no advice form them please.

  • SteveAtlanta

    The “straight acting” gays will be allll over this one.

    Look for “act like men”….”sissies”….”queens”….”nellies”….”they give us bad names”….all be spewed right on here.

    Isn’t the gay community so tolerant and open minded?

    -Equal rights!….ONLY for the gays who are masculine though, the rest of ya fags, man up or be taunted named by our very own.

  • Jack

    Cute guys… and was it just me, or were they TOTALLY flirting?!

  • Ken Doll

    girlie men…yuk

  • B-Rock

    I totally am judging his hair…

    How could the STYLIST sitting across from him not just fix those devil horns for him?

    I don’t see what the big deal is. When I was in Korea, there was totally mainstream man-makeup marketed squarely at straight men – it was awesome. Having said that, I don’t think either boys or girls ever “look like they’re not wearing makeup” when they are.

  • Jack

    Gross. Of course these bottoms want make-up.

  • PatrickB

    @SteveAtlanta: SO TRUE. It’s already happened!
    Gays:straight-acting :: Blacks:light-skinned
    How do we get past this?!

  • Zase

    Unless you really have problems with your skin that you feel you need to cover up, why would you want to spend time putting on makeup? A benefit of being a guy is that people don’t expect you to wear anything on your face.

  • Andrew

    I don’t regard myself as either feminine or masculine. I enjoy what I enjoy and don’t care to think about what gender society considers it attached to. Seriously, fuck these concepts of manly and girly. It is NOT genetic. Pink was considered a boy’s color before it was a girls color. Boys are not born preferring trucks and girls dolls. It’s society, a fickle society that changes it’s mind on this shit every century (in ancient societies, jewelry and HEAVY make up was a mans domain).

    I like fashion, — I’m a Vogue subscriber. I am a big gamer, — especially Action RPGs. I enjoy these two things as a human.

    I don’t find cross dressing very sexually appealing, I’m Gay for a reason, but I think it’s amazing how some people can pull it off so well. Fashionable clothes and some minimal touch up though? Hot.

    Seriously, mind your own fucking business and stop believing everyone has to be like you. You all sound like the Christo-Fascists.

  • eyesiq

    I wear so much more make-up than this on an almost daily basis and I still get told that I don’t look like I have any on. Bronzer and only concealer? The hell is this guy talking about? If you’re putting on moisturizer and talking about how dry skin makes foundation flake then why preach against it later in the segment?

    This is some ol’ bullshittt.

  • eyesiq

    @Zase: That doesn’t mean they don’t notice when your skin is oily and has red-spots, you have bags under your eyes or an uneven complexion.

  • Qjersey

    One big pump bottle of cheap ass moisturizer + one small bottle of liquid bronzer. Mix em together. Slap it on after the shower, done. You don’t feel like you’re putting on makeup and it gives your face a nice healthy look. Chapstick? duh.

  • Cam

    @Andrew: said…

    Boys are not born preferring trucks and girls dolls. ”

    Actually that isn’t necessarily true. There have been several childhood studies where kids from infancy were given gender neutral or gender opposit toys and they have shown the little girls dressing and putting their toys together, and the little boys playing army with their Barbies.

  • Daez

    @SteveAtlanta: There is nothing wrong with being the sex you were actually born as. If you are transgendered that is one thing; however, if you believe you are actually a man then act like one. I’m not insulting you for things you can’t control (lisps, speech, etc), but its quite obvious that the decision to paint your eyes and lips is something you can completely control, and appearance truly does matter.

    On a side note, if the same people willing to wear makeup to a nite club because they think its somehow attractive are willing to wear it to work because they think it provides a good professional image then they get a pass. Of course, I would assume most of them don’t get very far in their careers, so they pay dearly for the pass.

  • Daez

    @Jack: Hey now! You don’t mind putting your dick in bottoms I’m sure, so don’t start being insulting. Oh, and plenty of bottoms are very masculine men.

  • Daez

    @eyesiq: Some of us were blessed with truly great skin. I feel for those of you that weren’t, but deal with it. Oh, and you absolutely know when someone is wearing makeup no matter what you actually say to their face.

  • Rick Gold

    I died inside when I saw this.

    But then again, I am not under 25 or whatever you need to be to take part in this “fabulis” or whatever it is…

  • Samwise

    @Jack: Not just you. They were definitely flirting! Very cute.

    Seeing pictures of male entertainers on TV (with makeup) and off TV (without makeup) is pretty startling. If I didn’t know already that every man on television and in the movies had makeup on, I wouldn’t be able to tell. So you can absolutely wear makeup without looking like you’re wearing makeup: you just have to be extremely skilled at it.

    I, unfortunately, am not extremely skilled. I don’t wear makeup often, but when I get a zit or dark circles under my eyes (damn insomnia) I do use a bit of concealer. Sometimes I can actually pull it off, sometimes I just wash it off because it looks really obvious. I do wish I were better at it, ’cause who wouldn’t want to have that healthy, clear-skinned, refreshed look all the time?

    And incidentally, IMHO, in certain cases it can be really, really hot when a guy is wearing obvious makeup. I’m thinking specifically of black eyeliner. Rawr.

  • scott ny'er

    @Daez: good lord. Hetero dudes wear make-up as well. For instance, I was just watching Youtube clips of GreenDay and man he really pulls off some cool looking raccoon eyes. Jared Leto too. Yes, they are in rock bands. They are still dudes and still masculine and still wearing make-up.

    Just let people be and do whatever they want, if they aren’t harming you, leave ’em alone.

  • Franky

    He applied the bronzer funny. When it was just the concealer he looked better. His eyes looked brighter and he just looked less tired. The bronzer was just all over the place and there was way too much of it. He looks like he fell asleep under something weird and tanned funny. That being said, I’m surprised there aren’t more people here that are angry because they “give the rest of us a bad name”. Pleasantly surprised really.

  • Tom Stoppard

    He’s a good looking guy and I thought he looked better at the start. Personally, knowing someone is trying to look better by disguising the tone and colour of their skin is an instant turn-off for me. I prefer a more natural look – which goes for women too. And I love camp guys incidentally.

  • Jonathonz

    You guys are too cute! And Keith is flawless already, he doesn’t need a stitch of makeup!!

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