valentine's day

Some French Homos Smooched, and Fundamentalists Got All Upset and Started Throwing Helmets

The original report from Yagg is in French, so the website’s Maxime translates the events: “It was originally supposed to take place in front of Notre Dame de Paris but Christian fundamentalist websites called in to ‘defend their faith against this provocation’ by ‘AIDS bags’, ‘sodomites’ and other homophobic insults. The websites called in for a violent answer so the organizers decided to change the location to place Saint Michel in the nearby Latin Quarter, since the police strongly encouraged them to do so saying they could not protect them in case of trouble. The kiss in was held peacefully at st-michel but some gays went to Notre Dame anyway and witnesses are saying 200 Christian activists were expecting them, and after they started kissing, they were attacked with motorbike helmets and kicked.” Ugh. We want video of this crap.

Here’s some closer-up video of French persons French kissing:

And don’t miss Peru’s own public staging.