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Some Indiana University Students Will No Longer Be Able To Get Chick-fil-A Fix On Campus (Update: Or Not)


Because Chick-fil-A donated free food to that anti-gay marriage conference in Pennsylvania, and the company’s chief did a piss poor job of trying to salvage its reputation (giving away free services to a group does not endorse its mission, supposedly?), Indiana University South Bend has banned the chicken chain from campus after pressure from the campus’ gay students and faculty. Not that it’ll make much of an impact: Chick-fil-A sandwiches were only sold Wednesdays at one campus location — though IU’s Bloomington and Indianapolis have full restaurants on campus. Will it take exposing the restaurant’s charitable arm the WinShape Center as an explicitly anti-gay institution to move the needle some more? UPDATE: It appears this original news report is inaccurate, the school claims, stating Chik-fil-A remains an authorized school vendor. The restaurant was only suspended for one week.