Employment Laws Restrict Partners

Some Irish Gays Can’t Go Home

Ireland’s emigrant gays might as well be in exile. Irish men and women are reluctant to return home because their partners can’t get work, says the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network. Via Ireland’s Independent:

A growing number of Irish emigrants are being put off returning to Ireland — because they can’t bring their gay partner with them.

The Gay Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) said the issue of foreign partners of Irish nationals not being allowed to live or work here is their biggest problem area.

Spokesman Eoin Collins said the number of calls to the organisation on the issue in the past two years has doubled.

“Irish people who have a partner from outside the EU, such as Canada or the US, are having huge problems,” he said.

The European Union rarely offers work permit to non-EU residents, which means that foreigners must either have a hefty savings account or be willing to work the streets.