Some Love From Madeline Crabb

You guys remember our two-part posting on homo-hater Madeline Crabb‘s Foley-related essays, right? No? Well, click here for part one and here for part two.

Anyway, despite our better judgement (and blood pressure), we’ve been hooked on her crackpot contemplations. Not surprisingly, Mad Crabb (as a clever reader deems her in part two’s comments) has released a last-minute election essay in which she explores some of the key issues facing the nation. While she touches on the war and national security, we’re justifiably intrigued by her ruminations on gay-marriage. Here’s what Ol’ Crabbie’s got to say:

…[F]or those who still can’t understand why same-sex marriage is detrimental to society, then consider some of the homosexual’s unhealthy sexual practices: anal sex, “rimming,” and “fisting.” I will not describe these things here…

Based just on the public health hazard, it is bad public policy to promote and encourage homosexuality. Yes, this is America and people can do whatever they want. But when we consider “mainstreaming” these kinds of dangerous, vile practices, we jeopardize all Americans. Hello! What are we thinking?

Homosexual behavior also causes all Americans to absorb substantially higher health costs for the many diseases homosexuals acquire. Americans pay for homosexual “at risk” behavior through higher insurance premiums; but they also pay higher taxes to cover the uninsured, and for governmental programs like AIDS prevention, etc. – programs that never tell people to stop doing things, like sodomy, that cause such diseases. Duh!

Actually, Crabb’s right. In his famed predictions, Nostradamus predicted that “the great nation shall be brought down by a thrusting fist”. Eerie.

(PS: Madeline Crabb’s changed her photo. Gone are the days of shoulder-padded yellow blazers. This season’s all about orange shoulder-padded blouses. Take note.)