Some People Have Some Shit To Say About John Amaechi

News of former NBA player John Amaechi‘s coming out spread faster than a case of crabs at Equinox. While some people praised his decision, others had a more stunted reaction.
According to The Times’ chief sports writer, Simon Barnes, perhaps the biggest disadvantage comes from the nature of the game:

Americans love sports that require giants and basketball is mostly populated by 7ft black men. The players tend to shave their heads to resemble perambulating penises and their boasting of massive sexual appetite is a commonplace of American life… The sport has its being in claustrophobia. There are no open spaces of midfield. You move in a half-second from one cramped attack to another. The great art of basketball is to free yourself from this appalling congestion of limbs and bodies, to escape, spring and fly your own sweet flight. It is a game of intimacy. It is important that no one misunderstands — the intimacy is one of war, not love. No homosexuals wanted in this knot of seminaked, grappling men.

They may not be wanted, but we’re sure they’re there. You just can’t see them.

But, of course, that says nothing for life off the court. Consider, for example, some words from Cleveland Cavalier’s young forward, LeBron James, who took less issue with Amarchi’s anal inclination than with the matter of trust:

We spend so much time together, honestly, that we’re kind of like a family. We take showers with each other after practice. You’re on the bus talking about a lot of things. If you’re sitting there and you’re conversing with us but you’re not sincere about it…you’re kind of hiding it.

As teammates, you have to be trustworthy, and if you’re gay and you’re not admitting it that you are, you’re not trustworthy.

Well, yes, but how can he come out if he expects a backlash from players?

Ameachi’s former coach, Doc Rivers, echoed that sentiment, although to a lesser degree:

[Basketballers] all insensitive at times. There’s no taboo subject in the locker room. I think if he would have come out, they would have got on him jokingly. They would have held no punches and they would have made fun of him just like they make fun of guys here.

But that’s the locker room, and that’s not going to change. And I actually think that when guys do come out, when that day happens, it will make it easier. I can’t wait until it’s not an issue.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if that’s going to happen anytime soon. But, at least Amaechi’s out now, which means we can ask him out on a date. We wonder if he goes for scrawny white kids with no athletic ability whatsoever…

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  • jack jett

    i played basketball for the grand prairie high school gophers in 1974. i came out. and now look at me.

    i mean, please…somebody…LOOK at me!

    jack jett

  • bubba

    “I think if he would have come out, they would have got on him jokingly. They would have held no punches and they would have made fun of him just like they make fun of guys here.”

    Oh, because they routinely make fun of each other’s heterosexuality too?

  • LV

    You can check out the John Amaechi “Man in the Middle” book at Amazon here:

    P.S. The book is “coming out” February 20th so it’s available for preorder.

  • Alan

    Why did he wait to come out until he had a book to peddle? He says he was pretty open about it while he was in Utah and that the media just turned away.

  • traffick

    Who the hell cares. I’m not a fan of the NBA or basketball for that matter, but from what my straight guy friends(who are fans of the NBA) say he was a mediocre player. Why does he feel the need to write this book, because he wants to tell the world what it was like to be CLOSETED pl;ayer, or is it to make a few extra bucks.

    Why didn’t he come out when he was still playing, He’s not important anymore, and in important I mean make a difference with is his job.

    I didn’t know who he was when he was in the closet and I don’t want to know him now. (Just my opinion guys, I know there will be other that disagree with me, but I don’t think I’m that only one that feels this way)


  • tort

    a friend to the gay community through and through, I read this and was a bi shocked and respected amaechi’s bravery. I have this to say though … amaechi’s role in the nba is professional. this is his profession. although its our human rite not to be discouraged or refrained from jobs based on one’s gender, race, religion, sexual preference, etc. however, so many go up on platforms to share with the world what they claim to be. personal privacy is precious. unless amaechi was not producing on the court or not granted yet another team switch because of his secual preference, then i can see why he would defend himself and make this public. but to go public simply just to have self-recognition is as a tad selfish. i adore martina and i support what she said about how amaechi is now part of the role models for other gay and lesbians to idolize and relate with … that of course is important … but to write a book just for the sake of doing so doesn’t seem to have much thought or true purpose tied to this announcelemt. no what i mean?

  • Josten

    Leviticus 18:22
    “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”
    Homosexuals are on a path leading straight to HELL!!! If they repent and turn away from their sin, they can still be forgiven.

  • petulant

    I am sick to death of people picking and choosing passages from Leviticus. If you are going to be a good christian, you better adhere to all of them(Holiness Code.)
    So no shrimp, tattoos, pork, etc… And women be sure to banish thyself when you have an “issue” each month.

    And abomination in the Hebrew- “The term abomination (to’ebah) is a religious term, usually reserved for use against idolatry; it does not mean a moral evil. ”

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