Some Schools Opening Doors to Ex-Gay Advocates

Gay school

Securing gay history a place in the classroom was no easy feat — and, to be sure, the effort isn’t even close to completion. But California thinking about forcing schools to include the accomplishments of gays in their textbooks? It’s almost time to rejoice. Enter the right-wing, who will let no progress go unchallenged (and why should they?).

Conservatives already have some schools teaching Creationism alongside evolution, and now they want equal time for student instruction on the alternative to the gay lifestyle. That is, how gays can be cured of their illness.

Conservative Christians and Jews have teamed up with men and women who call themselves “ex-gay” to lobby – and even sue – for the right to tell teenagers that they can “heal” themselves of unwanted same-sex attractions.

They argue that schools have an obligation to balance gay-pride themes with the message that gay and lesbian students can go straight through “reparative therapy.” In this view, homosexuality is not a fixed or inborn trait but a symptom of emotional distress – a disorder that can be cured.

It turns out, these reparative therapy advocates are making progress: High schools in Chicago and New Hampshire invited ex-gays to speak.

In the end, we’re all for every side of the debate being displayed for young minds. It’ll give them better ammo when they shoot down such ridiculous assertions.

‘Ex-Gays’ Seek a Say in Schools [LAT]
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