Some TV Stations Cut Away From Gay Couple Marrying On Rose Parade Float

As you’ve probably heard, a gay couple got married on a float in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. Three cheers for the happy couple, Danny Leclair and Aubrey Loots! But also boooooo to the TV stations that cut away from the parade so they wouldn’t have to show the wedding.

According to some angry Twitter users, who are never wrong, the offending stations include ABC, NBC, HGTV, and local station KTLA.

But wait! We went back and checked the KTLA broadcast (it’s about 8 minutes in to Part 8), and in fact the announcer makes a big freaking deal about the float. We don’t know why the Twitter people are complaining, because not only did the station focus directly on the couple, but also went on at length about how nice the whole thing was. There was nothing even remotely questionable about it. So, three cheers for KTLA and booooo to Twitter, we guess?

Apparently there was also a small group actually present at the parade to protest the wedding, but we haven’t been able to find any photos so it might just have been one or two weirdos. And in other parade excitement, a bunch of folks were arrested for protesting animal abuse at SeaWorld. And last year’s big debacle was over Farmer’s Insurance, which released a ton of a balloons that wound up polluting nearby nature. A busy day for anyone with a cause!