dadt survey answers

‘Some will be flamboyant; they might get a beating’

Am I supposed to celebrate gayness—do they get to wear a rainbow flag on their uniform? If that is the case, this uniform isn’t worth wearing.

—One of many written responses provided by soldiers in the Pentagon’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell survey, just in case you were blinded into thinking 70 percent of pro or neutral responses actually meant 100 percent. Hey now: The Pentagon asked, soldiers told. [via]

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  • Cassandra

    So intelligence is not a required condition for being a heterosexual in the armed services.

    However, the prospect of all these usually overfed midwest farm boys running around naked all the time, rather than wear their uniforms, is worth revoking DADT and giving rainbow flag pins to all GLBTQ military personnel.


    Am most certain the Gay soldiers also would think the uniform wasn’t worth wearing if you had your wish and there was a swastika on it, douchbag…………

    @Cassandra: 1000% Co-sign. When I was in high school and my friend and I came out. We were both on the wrestling team and the guys who were most vocal about us gonna be “staring at them” in the showers were the most out of shape, unattractive, fugly tools on the team………….

    At a team meeting we assured them to the most supportive eruption of laughter I ever experienced, from the rest of the team that we only stare at the hot dudes on the team…….. :p

  • Aaron

    I’m mighty skeptical about that “70%”. Mainly because there were some questions the survey didn’t ask. It was basically just “are you okay with a gay person, who is out, serving in the military?”. And while I’m sure it’s not the ridiculous 10% that has been stated, 40-50% seems much more probable.

  • RomanHans

    If you’re going to focus on what idiots say, you’re going to be depressed and busy.

  • hephaestion

    Racist white soldiers said much MUCH worse things than that when Truman integrated the military. And they said those nasty things for decades. So our battle won’t be won overnight either.

  • Mac McNeill

    @hephaestion: They’re still saying the same thing they said when Truman integrated the military, just not as loud.

    There will always be the dumb boys from the backwoods, or Alaska that will complain, but then again they would complain that women can’t do the job either. That’s why they’re backwards and really would never move up the ladder, they’re the grunts.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Why is this news? Just typical homophobic rhetoric.

  • IanPolloss

    Do you think the gay men in the military will call each other girl in front of their straight counterparts?

  • ron

    DADT repeal is dead. Get over it. Gays are not fit for military service – just look at what the Wikileaks queen did.

  • OrchidIslander

    Nice touch Queerty. Including a picture of Obama with the troops.

    Even when he is not part of the story or when his involvement is minuscule; you somehow manage to include him in a gay-perceived-as-negative story.

    You really should try for higher standards, or any standards at all.

    Your Fox News Sansei must be happy with you Grasshopper……

  • UptheAnte

    The wikileaks person sure didn’t help the cause, Ron. And, Mac McNeill, it’s African American military members who are the most homophobic, not guys from Alaska or any other upper-middle-class Caucasians and Hispanics who make up the majority in the military.

  • tjr101

    @UptheAnte:”it’s African American military members who are the most homophobic, not guys from Alaska or any other upper-middle-class Caucasians and Hispanics who make up the majority in the military.”

    Got any links to back that up or did you just pull it out of your ass?

  • reason

    @UptheAnte: You are obviously not in the upper middle class, and not in the military. Judging from your comments your a half brained backwoods republican. Looking at the numbers I think Cassandra hit the nail on the head, the branch that is overrun with overfed mid-west and southern farm boys, the U.S. Marine Corps, is the most hateful and non-accepting towards GBLT. It is no surprise that they were the most recalcitrant branch toward integration, don’t believe me read the rand report. The Navy began integration long before Truman acted, and it is no surprise that the Navy’s chief Adm. Gary Roughead, Coastguard Adm. Robert Papp, and of course the Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen support ending this discriminatory law immediately. Of course this is not a blanket statement there are some very accepting mid-west and southern farm boys in the Marines, and despite some deficiencies of character in the Marine Corps they can all fight like he!!

  • redball

    @OrchidIslander: AMEN! That was my very first thought.

  • Cam


    Nice Try Troll, That is the same excuse McCain tried to use, unfortunatly when he tried to claim which questions the survey didn’t ask, it turned out he was lying and that the survey did ask them. So why don’t you list out the specific questions that this survey supposedly didn’t ask? To help you out, here’s a link to the survey’s list of questions.

  • Cam

    @ron: Said…

    “DADT repeal is dead. Get over it. Gays are not fit for military service – just look at what the Wikileaks queen did.”

    Ron, I’m curious, would that be like comparing all the straight service memebers to the guys who raped all those German and Japanese girls off base and created massive international incidents?

  • Cassandra


    By your irrational premise, the Mai Lai massacre, just one among the many such atrocities committed by heterosexual men, proves that heterosexual men must not be allowed in the military, and Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan or the Georges Bush, prove that heterosexual men must not be allowed to be President. For the good of the country, of course.

    The disproportionate majority of all crime, all acts of violence, betrayal, theft, graft, larceny, sabotage, etc., have been committed by heterosexual men. Disproportionately, they, as a class, are responsible for most of the atrocities, genocides, abuses of power and trust, in human history.

    And your posts proves you should not be allowed on the internet.

  • SteveAtlanta

    GUYS….the board racist is a *troll*…just like this Ron clown. They are here to start sheyet and watch the disaster after they throw a divisive comment on here. PLEASE STOP TAKING THE BAIT. I’m black. Gay. SMART and can sniff this sh*t from a mile away. This is a tactic by the trolls to pin us against each other on EVERY single story, and every single time y’all take the damn bait. This is how the trend always goes. Someone makes a not so gay friendly comment on here, they sometimes back it up with “…and I’m gay” (no, you’re really, really not) or sometimes they celebrate their ignorance like Ron above and simply get right to the homophobic point. THEN within some 20 minutes or so a racist comment meant to be passed off by a gay contributor is said. Watch the trend, it’s beyond predictable, but worse…this troll is smiling knowing we’re going at each other over race wars.
    This is the SAME tactic Conservatives use to divide gays and minorities. Most gays don’t engage them and see the ploy for what it is (divide and conquer)…some sadly take that bait.


    (I’ve been out and proud for 24 years, and black ALL my damn life, been a member of a plethora of gay philanthropic orginizations, surrounded myself with gay folks all my life and every group has a knuckle head but from my personal experiences it’s pure BULLSH8t to suggest gays are more racist than their straight counter parts. I’m a double minority, I know who’s been racist AND homophobic to me in my life and generally speaking it’s not my gay brothers and sisters)

  • Jeffree

    @SteveAtlanta: Well said. Trolls thrive on attention and when they’re given none, they slither off to warmer climates. I personally make it a point [ok, I t.r.y.] to ignore them, especially when it’s a new name & the comment is barely related to the thread.

    Back home we call the ability to spot bigots as soon as they open their mouths—if not before!—a “good sense of smell.” Some got it, some don’t….

  • Joe

    They shouldn’t be asked what they think. Their opinions are null & void when they enter the armed forces. Call me whatever you want, but ask any service member if they ever question their drill sergeant in basic or their commanding officer?

    Just tell them to get the f- over it, and move on. Eventually they’ll deal, those with a problem will go quiet and fade away. Just like with racism in the military.

    Asking them…lame idea. And a stall tactic.

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