The funeral party

Somehow, Kid Rock wasn’t the most disgusting celeb to visit Trump’s White House on Wednesday

Like much of the news nowadays, it sounds like the setup of a bad joke: On Wednesday, Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) winked and twitched her way into the White House, alongside sepulchral musician Ted Nugent and, bizarrely enough, the never-advisable rap-rockin’ wince-inducer Kid Rock.

Photo ops ensued.

Palin has been effusive and somewhat comprehensible in her Trump support, and was one of his guests at one of his debates in October 2016.

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Shemane Deziel and Audrey Berry, Nugent’s wife and Kid Rock’s fiancee respectively, were on hand to give the already eerie proceedings a glassy-eyed, Stepfordian, lets-take-three-valium-and-hit-Madame-Tussauds vibe.

To make the occasion an honorary Creepshow installment, Nugent, Palin, and Kid Rock each took time out of their hectic schedules to band together and gloatingly pose in front of a Hillary Clinton portrait:


Twitter denizens shared a feeling or two about the grisly get-together: