Bad to the bone

Someone broke down every Disney villain as a gay stereotype and it’s perfect

At the heart of the discussion on gay stereotypes portrayed negatively in Disney animated classics are some points worth real thought.

Re-watch some of the old gems of your childhood and you may start to notice a theme emerge among the films’ ne’er-do-wells — they all exhibit some similar gay stereotypes around femininity.

Here’s a clip from the 2015 documentary Do I Sound Gay? that speaks to the point:

But if that’s the heart of the matter, let’s call this the elbow: A Twitter user went off on so-called gay Disney villains over the weekend, and it’s certainly worth a mention.

Scroll down for @_Hate_Holly_’s handiwork:

h/t Observer

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  • Herman75

    PowerPuff Girls continued that trend but took it to the extreme, that gay/effeminate/bitchy men are dangerous around kids. In PowerPuff Girls the villain’s goal was to kill all three little girls.

  • Willacowan

    I got a problem with the one that says, “white feminist lesbian, wears black lives matter tshirt but voted for Trump.”

    That’s not a gay stereotype and honestly, I challenge her to find me one gay feminist who voted for Trump, especially one who wears a BLM shirt. Lesbians voted for Trump at substantially lower rates than heteros of both sexes and gay males. Feminists definitely did not vote for him.

    If the creater, as a black woman, has a problem with how white women do feminism, she should focus on changing it or attack the real problem (the people who aren’t queer, feminist women), instead of women attacking other women.

    • LanaBoy

      Dude, go on twitter and search for Dykes For Trumps & Gays For Trump and you will find white BLM shirt wearing women, Hispanic, Asian and black queers all being for queer rights, but not others, even if it directly affects their race, religion, gender, etc…

  • PretenderNX01

    The BLM t-shirt bit might be much but where is your source for “Lesbians voted for Trump at substantially lower rates than heteros of both sexes and gay males”?

    55% of white women voted for Trump according to the New York Times and HuffPo has articles about white lesbians speaking at GOP primaries. Rachel Hoff is a white lesbian and delegate for the Republican Party.

  • He BGB

    The one about the bitchy cultured gay? Not wanting them around their kids? Why, that was the whole premise of Clifton Webb as Mr. BELVEDERE. He was loved by the whole family and was the hero by the end of the films. But I understand where they’re coming from….. They’re talking Disney and animated characters. I love how all their eyes have that sneaky hooded look.


    Intersectionalist feminist humour is about as funny as it sounds

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