Someone Dissed The Pride Flag Outside This Woman’s House, So Guess What Her Neighbors Did?


Just when you thought you never needed to see another Pride flag story again, Mashable comes flying out at you with a heart-melty true tale of a neighborhood that came together to fight the forces of mawkish stupidity.

It all began when a certain Susan Pearlman of Ann Arbor, Michigan trotted home to find a creepy anonymous note claiming her gay pride flag “deeply troubled” one of her neighbors.

But Pearlman’s daughter is a lesbian, and she really didn’t wish to take down her rainbow flag simply to appease some passive-aggressive gas-bag with a penchant for purple prose and frilly stationary.

Instead, perhaps inspired by the surplus of viral stories such as these, she reached out to her neighbors.

Like a particularly stirring episode of Highway to Heaven, those neighbors responded by putting up 20 pride flags outside of their own places of residence.

Pearlman tells Mashable that her community has a “history of being LGBT friendly,” and that everyone was disturbed at the letter.

“I wanted to explain to you that the flag deeply troubled me in hopes you might understand why,” it reads.

I was troubled by the rainbow flag because it overlooks so many of the things our country represents. The flag is missing the white stripes that represent purity and innocence.”


Later on in the letter, the neighbor requests Pearlman not take down the Pride flag, but instead put the American flag beside it, so they can both hang on the front porch like best girlfriends.

Pearlman told Mashable she put up the flag to express support for the LGBTQ community after the Pulse massacre in Orlando, Florida.

“I opened the letter the evening of November 9th after returning home and immediately showed a few of my neighbors,” she says.

One neighbor “read the letter and asked where she could find a flag … a couple others agreed with her.

Then in response to an email I then sent to the rest of my street the flag ‘wall’ grew!  As of today there are 20 flags flying and more are to come.”




Pearlman originally shared her story on Pantsuit Nation, and her post has received over 32,000 likes.

According to a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, there have been a total of 867 hate incidents post-election.

95 of those were directed at LGBT people.

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