Someone Help Andrew Sullivan Get Off On Jesus!

We’ve got another mystery on our hands, readers. Homo-journo Andrew Sullivan has launched a search party for the possibly sham gay porn, Him. Allegedly filmed in the 1970s, Him concerns a one Jesus Christ and his titillating take on “Love Thy Neighbor”. From Film Threat:

The film would have probably been forgotten had it not been detailed in the 1980 book ‘The Golden Turkey Awards’ by the Medved Brothers. Despite an Internet debate that insists the film never existed, poster art from the movie’s original New York run has turned up to verify it did exist. The film itself, however, is believed to be lost (how the Medveds learned of the film is not clear, though the idea of Michael Medved watching gay porno for “research” is mind-boggling).

Apparently other sleuths have been seeking this blasphemous classic for years to no avail.

Thus, Sullivan implores M. Medved: “Was this your hoax? Can you tell us now? Did you watch this movie? Or did you make it up?” Pressing questions for the weekend – the time when Sullivan likes to take matters into his own hands, if you know what we mean.