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Someone hijacked Truth Social to sell fake Trump 2024 “gold cards” and LOLOLOL

Former White House social media director Dan Scavino took to Truth Social this week to say his username on the struggling right-wing social media platform had been hijacked by someone selling fake Trump 2024 “gold cards”.

“To whomever [sic] is grifting and scamming using [my] username … here on Truth Social enjoy your final moments of using my name/photo to scam and sell fake Trump 2024 Golden Cards,” Scavino wrote on his profile on Monday.

“You should refund everyone whom you’ve sold them to. If you don’t, they should sue you. I’m coming after your web site [sic] next, with a cease and desist letter.”

Trump’s Save America PAC first started issuing official Trump “gold cards” to donors last month. The plastic cards, which range from $45 to $2,500, come in four different designs and resemble credit cards, although they don’t have any actual monetary value. The PAC hawked four similar “red cards” back in August.

 Per HuffPost:

Hijacked usernames are about the last thing Donald Trump’s problem-plagued social media site needs right now. The platform is barely off the ground months after its wobbly launch, and the prospect of scammers commandeering user information may further discourage people to sign on.

People noted on Twitter that they’ve also been targeted by sales pitches for Trump 2024 “Gold Cards.” Some critics wondered what the difference is between real and fake gold Trump cards.

In other Truth Social news, Trump himself finally started posting to the platform last Friday after being conspicuously MIA since it first launched back in February.

“I’M BACK!” he posted along with a photo of himself standing outside Mar-a-Lago and the hashtag “#COVFEFE”, a reference to the bizarre tweet he wrote in 2017 before he was banned from Twitter.

Here’s what folx on Twitter are saying about Scavino’s Truth Social profile hijacking…

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