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What To Do When Someone You Love Is Addicted To Gay Massage Parlors

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A determinately distraught person of indeterminate gender has written to The Times of India‘s advice column with a highly stressful problem: Their brother-in-law can’t get enough of sexy gay massage parlors, and a marriage may be destroyed because of it.

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I am writing this question on behalf of my sister, who is facing issues with her husband, who’s cheating on her by being a regular visitor to gay massage parlours. Though they have discussed the issue and he made a promise to my sister that he wouldn’t do it again, he still continues to visit these places without her knowledge. She feels like he is addicted to it and can’t come out of it. What is sad is the fact that barring this habit, he is a gem of a person. Could you please suggest a way of helping him out of this mess?

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A certain Dr. Parul Tank attacks the problem head-on, saying that they have “diagnosed it as an addiction.”

“It’s a type of disorder and needs to be treated,” he writes. “It is also high risk since he may be having unprotected intercourse.”

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This “risky” rubdown-lovin’ lifestyle is is often associated with “emotions like guilt and deceit,” he says.

“It would be worthwhile if your brother-in-law agrees to see a psychiatrist to rule out the possibility of any other illness like bipolar disorder.”

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The bottom line? “Perhaps your sister can gently sit him down and explain the consequences of his behavior and suggest that both of them see a doctor.”

What do you think? Could “gay massage parlors” really become an addiction? Is her husband gay and in denial? Can a massage, with a happy ending or otherwise, be considered cheating? Weigh in in the comments section below.