Someone Needs To Tell These Struggling Guys That Being Gay Is Amazing

In this week’s look at what guys are Whispering behind closed doors, we take a sobering look at a plague still haunting our community — self hatred.

Some of us have been there, wishing so badly to be “normal,” whatever that is.

We hope these guys find the light soon:

The truth is..... I hate myself for being gay., and how I will let my family down in the future


I probably hate being gay more than the people who hate me for being gay

I hate being gay. Those who think it

I hate being gay as it all comes down to being young and beautiful and I

Im jealous when I see Straight guys who have babies , I want to make a baby naturally, not have to adopt or have surrogates :( I hate being gay.

I pretended to be a girl online to get "affection" from a guy because I hate myself for being gay.


Sometimes I hate being gay I tried to convince myself I was straight for so long

I hate being gay, not because of what other people think... but because of how shallow the gay male community is.

I wish I didn

I hate being gay. I

I hate being gay. It

I hate being gay. It

To be honest, I hate myself for being gay, I wish I was straight... I don

I hate being gay so much that when I see a good looking guy all I feel is anger and pain.

I wish I wasn

I hate being gay. My life would be 1000x easier if I were just normal.

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