Someone Sent The Antigay “Semen Latte” Pastor A Giant Bucket Of Poop. Yes, Poop.

poo-bucketAny time James David Manning opens his mouth, the shit just flies. Now it appears as though someone has given the homophobic pastor a taste of his own medicine.

“Somebody pooped in a plastic bucket then put a plastic lid on it and they put it in a box and they mailed it to me and said ‘This is what we sodomites enjoy!'” the pastor recently lamented in a Youtube video titled The Sodomites Sent Me A Bucket Of Poop.

“They put in a plastic container so it wouldn’t give off any odors as it was transferred through the mail,” Manning explained. “Shouldn’t that be a hate crime? Any lawyers out there know anything about what is a hate crime [and] what isn’t a hate crime? If they send me a bucket of poop?”

Manning, you may recall, is on a quest to become the next Fred Phelps. If he’s not damning “vile, demon-possessed sodomites” to hell, he’s debating whether or not Justin Bieber is secretly a transman or accusing Starbucks of lacing lattes with the semen of gay men.

“What a sicko group of people,” Manning continued. “And, by the way, you know, when I use the term ‘sodomite’ that includes lesbos, trans crossdressers, transgender dykes, bull daggers, all that! So don’t think I’m just talking about men!”

Thanks for clarifying, Mr. Manning. We weren’t totally sure how deep your hate ran, but now we know.

See Manning respond to receiving a bucket of poop in the video below. Enjoy!


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