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  • EdWoody

    See, this was my problem from the start. Years ago they were going to make a Bond movie called “License Revoked,” until they realised no American would know what the word “revoked” means.

    So who the hell do they expect to understand “Quantum of Solace” ?

  • CL

    The quantum of solace is sort of like saying the last little bit of joy. The quantum, as in quantum mechanics, is basically the smallest unit of anything ever. So the quantum of solace is like the silver lining when all else has gone wrong, the one thing that you have that keeps you going. Or that’s what Daniel Craig says, anyway.

  • lessthan

    It drives me crazy. These are not hard words. They’re not very long words. Quantum is a pretty popular science word right now, almost on par with “nano.” I still can’t find anyone out of my immediate bookworm family that knows what the heck a “quantum of solace” is. I thought public schools still did vocabulary. I guess not.

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