Magic moment

Does something seem off about this picture of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry?


The summer of 2016 was a conveyor belt of skin. It was hot out — remember warmth? Also the election was starting to drive people to actual madness, so can you really blame folks for ripping off their clothes and running into the light? We know we sure can’t.

But there were two moments that will go down as the apex of seasonal male celebrity disrobement: the Biebs getting down in Hawaii, and Orlando Bloom with Katy Perry paddle boarding into glory.

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Let’s take a moment to relive that second moment, for a moment:


OK, either Katy Perry is hotter than we remember, or something weird is going on here.

Enter cheeky British comedians Alan Carr and David Walliams, paddling in from stage right.

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The pair recreated the iconic shot in all its glory (you can see the full version here), and it’s giving us major ‘summer of skin’ nostalgia. If we close our eyes really tight, we can almost imagine the heat coming off the radiator is the sun shining down. Almost.

Now we’ll just get back to piling all the wool we can find on our heads and call it a day.