Something Wicked: The Five Worst Gays of 2013

The “gay villain” is an old phenomenon, usually imposed on us from outsiders who hate us. We like to think of ourselves as a group of heroic underdogs working together to create a more equal and caring world. But every now and then it is true that a bad seed comes along. Maybe it’s the result of the damage of bigotry. Or maybe, like everyone else, we can go bad, too.

The fact that more and more gay villains are rearing their heads out into the world is actually a good thing. It’s a sign of progress in society. We are slowly but surely liberating ourselves from the “underdog” role and becoming an essential part of the mainstream, warts and all. With that, of course, comes both heroes and villains.

Scroll down to see our list of the worst gays of 2013.

Dayna Morales

Lesbian waitress Dayna Morales made headlines in November when she claimed a family of four stiffed her on an $18 tip at a New Jersey restaurant, instead leaving a nasty note that read:

“sorry I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle & the way you live your life.”

As a result, Morales enjoyed national media attention and collected more than 3k in sympathetic donations from people across the country.

A week or so later, the family Morales accused of not tipping came forward to call her bluff. Shortly after that, Morales’ friends and colleagues also came forward to say that she was a “pathological liar.”

Morales finally admitted the whole thing was a hoax, then pledged to give the donations she collected to Wounded Warriors, a war veterans charity, but neglected to do so until the organization told one press outlet that they had yet to receive a penny from the woman.

Chris Doyle

“Ex-gay” activist Chris Doyle has had a busy year. In July, he coordinated an “Ex-Gay” Pride Rally in Washington, D.C. Thousands were expected to attend; less than 20 actually did. Afterwards, Queerty interviewed Doyle, who claimed fear of harassment and violent threats were the cause of the low turnout. Asked to produce evidence, Doyle refused.

In October, Doyle coordinated the first annual “Ex-Gay” Award Dinner and Reception, which was held in an undisclosed location in Virginia. It was reported that 60 people attended, but with only one Christian press outlet allowed to cover the event, it’s a good guess that the number was highly exaggerated.

Also in October, Doyle conducted an undercover investigation of Virginia’s public universities to see if LGBT resource centers were providing adequate information on ways to become “ex-gay.” Afterwards, he issued a press release of his findings and called for counselors to undergo sensitivity training and professional development on how to treat those seeking to change sexual orientations.

Love him or hate him (probably hate him), there’s no denying that Doyle is a man of conviction determined to share his message with the world. We wish Doyle well with his personal hetero quest; however, it is simply wrong to denigrate his fellow gays and lesbians in the process.

Rep. Jo Jordan

Out lesbian Hawaii State Rep. Jo Jordan confused the hell out of everyone when she voted against marriage equality in the Aloha state back in November.

Afterwards, she gave a long, rambling explanation for doing so which included the word “grrrr” twice and in which she said something about her religion being a mountain. (Read the explanation in full here.)

The Family Research Council applauded Jordan for betraying her community, releasing a statement that read, in part: “It doesn’t matter who you are, homosexual activists will harass anyone who isn’t one hundred percent sold out to their radical agenda to remake society. Unfortunately, Jo Jordan found that out the hard way.”

From respected lesbian lawmaker to poster child for the FRC. Oh, how the mighty can fall.

Robert Oscar Lopez

Every now and then antigay activist and homoerotic novelist Robert Oscar Lopez slithers out from under the rocks to talk about why gay people, but especially lesbians, are supposedly the scum of the earth.

Lopez, an “ex-gay bisexual” raised by a lesbian mother, became a golden child among social conservatives when he claimed that growing up in a same-sex household had damaged him, calling it “child abuse,” and saying it’s what has led to his own “adult social dysfunction.” Every consider taking responsibility for own actions, Robert?

After same-sex marriage was made legal in Hawaii this year, he gave an interview in which he compared gay parents to human traffickers, saying they “end up buying children overseas.”

Interestingly, also this year, Lopez self-published two gay-themed novels, Johnson Park: Five Gay Boys, One Street, Too Much Shade and The Melville Affair: Lust, Intrigue, and Terror Latin Style.

Needless to say, neither of the books made the bestsellers lists.

Sarah Bray

Lesbian Sarah Bray attracted national media attention in November when she claimed she was banned from visiting to her partner Jennifer Clemmer’s hospital room. Clemmer was checked into the St. Francis Hospital in Indianapolis after an alleged prescription drug overdose.

“We are in a partnership,” a tearful Bray said at the time. “It’s heart-wrenching. If I were a man and this were my wife, there would be no issue.”

Turns out, the whole thing was a charade.

A week later, on November 20, Bray was arrested and charged with battery and criminal confinement. It was alleged that she had beaten Clemmer unconscious, then staged the whole prescription drug overdose in an attempt to cover up the abuse, which had been going on for years. Bray’s own children confirmed the allegations. The hospital staff was on to her, which is why they wouldn’t let her in the room.

If she is convicted, Bray could face up to four years in prison.

Sucks to be her.

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  • alanj

    And number 6 would be Queerty’s very own jimBryant

  • DerekR

    @alanj: You beat me to it, I 2nd that nomination.

  • hyhybt

    Thank you, Queerty, for finally REacknowledging how that last one turned out after deleting the follow-up article the very day you published it. Still would like to know what possessed you to do such a thing.

  • Fourltrfred

    @alanj: That was awesome.

  • DuMaurier

    I don’t recall reading that Dayna Morales ever admitted the tipping scandal was a “hoax” (although pretty much everyone now thinks it was) Did I miss that part, does anyone have a link?

  • jkb

    That last one is a piece of work. I am not a violent person, but for her I’d make an exception.

  • the other Greg

    Where’s Christine Quinn?

    (And that’s probably the last time anyone will ever ask that question!)

    @alanj: Come on. You really think jimbryant is gay?

  • Niall

    And every single gay member of LCR

  • angel090

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  • angel090

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  • Bozen

    And not a single attractive banana in the bunch.

  • DShucking

    Really unfair to include Rep. Jo Jordan to this list. Same knee-jerk reaction to what she did is the same that just caused a serious loss of credibility to the gay community in its response to Duck Dynasty drama.

  • Tyler100


    That’s the first thing that came to my mind. Jim would probably be honored.

  • samwise343

    I just nutted on Jim Bryant’s face but I know he’ll deny it. So the jury is still out, umm, I mean in, about whether he’s gay or not.

  • Tyler100


    Sam, you must be a saint to be able to stand JimBryant long enough to do anything sexual to him.

  • Buttafuoco

    Who is Jim Bryant?????

  • Scooter Rebel

    It should have been the “Top 10”, so that Perez Hilton could have been added.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Buttafuoco: He she or it is an attention seeking whore/troll who posts here with the same tired old diatribe.

  • darkanser

    There was another website’s forum where someone had written that he had found Dayna Morales’s story questionable for he thought Morales wanted to be a man and wondered why she served in the Marines and not the army since she so wanted to serve her country. (I’m trying to paraphrase) While I found holes in the original story myself, I criticized this person’s grounds for skepticism – based on what he said. He responded back calling my remarks hyperbolic and that the Marines tend to be conservative politically — an idea that I personally could not vet. It was through a 3rd person weighing in on the conversation — a person I learned was a troll who responded to numerous comments posing as if he was the smartest person in the room at the 11th hour — that I learned Morales story was a hoax. This troll wanted me to know how I and other gullible people swallowed Morales’ story hook, line and sinker. I suppose responding to so many comments didn’t leave him much time to carefully read what I had said. Whatever dude.

  • Joincny

    How about the gay journalist Brandon Ambrosino? He sure does like to apologize for people’s homophobia.

  • Dominickj

    I’m disappointed to say the least, BUT hey we are all human with human frailties which makes GAYS NO better or NO worse than being a heterosexual!!!

  • translady

    A huge omission from this list is Cathy Brennan. Brennan is a Baltimore attorney who has made it her whole life to harass, intimidate, stalk and abuse transgender women. She has been doing so for years and cloaks her harassment in “lesbian” and “feminist” activism. Many have tried to get her various blogs and websites classified as hate groups. She is one of the most vile transphobes in the world. I would think this site would want to decry someone who foments as much hatred against trans women as she does.

  • fagburn

    Err, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Queerty print the Dayna Morales fiction as fact?

  • krystalkleer

    there’s a rotten egg in every group unfortunately!

  • AuntieChrist

    @krystalkleer: You should know better than anyone.Pleeze quit using Queerty to hawk your lame ass blog. Soooo transparent.

  • etseq

    @Joincny: YES!! He is such a self-loathing wannabe homocon!

  • LVX156

    “The Family Research Council applauded Jordan for betraying her community” – I really, really wish you would stop lumping every single gay, lesbian and bisexual person into some sort of “community”. We’re not all the same, you know. Our sexual orientation is not the only thing that defines us as people.

    I am an openly bisexual man and I am opposed to gay marriage. Not on religious grounds, but because marriage is a sham. It’s simply a way to give certain privileges to people who choose to marry, and the state simply shouldn’t do that. It’s no business of the state’s who I choose to live my life with, or in what way, and punishing people who choose to not live in monogamous life-long unity is discriminatory.

  • DShucking

    @LVX156: Would you vote against marriage equality?

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