What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear

Something’s Happening Here…


Here’s a Fox News snatch on a “brutal beating” in Norfolk, Virginia. As you’ll see – and hear – a group of black teenagers beat up a white peer. Once hunky Bill Hemmer wonders, “Why would these kids do that to him?”

Obviously Hemmer didn’t read the Fox News brief:

Police in Norfolk, Va., are investigating whether an alleged attack against a 13-year-old boy that witnesses caught on tape Saturday was racially motivated, WAVY-TV reported Monday.

The tape shows the victim, Damien O’Rourke, who is white, being violently beaten by a group of African American teenagers. According to the report, Damien and his mother, Reesha Price, said the fight was unprovoked and believe Damien was attacked because he is white.

Hmm, we’d like to hear more evidence, if possible.

Here’s Hemmer’s take:

Here’s the problem in all that stuff: when you put it on video tape and you post it online, something like that gets out, police are going to track you down in minutes… It’s happened time and time again and it will happen again in this one.

That’s the problem? Police involvement?