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Sometimes You Just Have To Go All Telenovela On Someone

Does everyone do this or is it just us? You’re sitting around with a buddy watching a favorite telenovela and there’s a particularly dramatic storyline that’s coming to a head and then there’s a catfight, because, well, there’s always a catfight. Maybe you two have had a few drinks or you’re just feeling a little frisky and uninhibited, but the next thing you know you’re out of your cozy club chairs and lip syncing to the hyper-realistic dialogue and you begin sparring, maybe even wrestling. Then, oops, someone’s shirt comes off. It can happen. It did for Idan Matalon and Sachin Bhatt, two rising actors who enjoyed some playful interaction and over-emoting along to Gabriela Spanic and Catherine Siachoque on the aptly-titled series Land of Passions.

Soy una mujer embarazada, desgraciadaaaa!Con Sachin BhattGracias Winston A Abalos !Telenovela Lipsync: Pelea de Gabriela Spanic y Catherine Siachoque (TIERRA DE PASIONES)original video:

Posted by Idan Matalon on Saturday, 18 July 2015