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  • Tarsus

    Nice rage. Frothy.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    Yeah, we queers deserve to get blood on our hands too by helping kill people in the hypocritical Republican war machine! Yay heteronormative equality (and shit).

  • Goodnight Moon

    dude you’re hot.

  • Daez

    Really fucking accurate? It seems odd that the ONLY attack on American soil has been by terrorists. I don’t see any of you complaining because we honestly live in the safest country in the world. To bitch about our war machine when there are people living in places like Israel and Africa and the Middle East with daily conflict and death is just INSANE.

    “People” that want to see us dead at any cost deserve to be killed and therefore do not count as people and the act of killing them DOES NOT put blood on our hands.

    Actually, evolution has already “stopped.” For the first time in history, the average life expectancy is actually going down not up which is proof that if evolution does exist we are devolving not evolving.

  • Daez

    I obviously suck at history because I forgot to mention Pearl Harbor, but since it happened some 60 years ago before America was actually a super power, I’m not sure you can really count it.

    America has an attitude that if you are the biggest and the baddest no one will really fuck with, and so far it has kept people such as this dude that bitches about the military safe and warm at home in his bed.

  • Daez

    @Daniel Villarreal: Well said. However, trying to use logic to calm an outraged liberal is like trying to stop a bull with a feather.

  • hephaestion

    Thank you, Dusty, for saying what we have all been thinking!

  • samthor

    @Daez: We are currently fighting 6 wars worldwide: Afghan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, horn of Africa, & Columbia. We could cut our military budget by 80% and still be spending more than China or Russia, the UK or anyone in the world.
    The recent attack on American soil (9/11) happened because of a lack of brains and integrity in our leadership; not because of a lack of bombs and military contracts. The war in Afghanistan has dragged out, unnecessarily, for nearly 10 years. The war in Iraq is still going on after 7 years and yet no WMD’s have been found.
    I’m not saying we should go go cold turkey, but we could stand to cut back a bit. A lot of people have died when they could still be here with us. And the TRILLIONS of dollars could have gone to better use.

  • Ken S

    @Daez: You demonstrate ignorance heaped on top of abject stupidity. Spending billions of dollars on a war abroad hasn’t prevented terrorism on American soil. It’s radicalized *more* people, people whose subsequent attempted terrorist attacks weren’t foiled by military boots on the ground half a world away- they were foiled by domestic civilian security or the terrorists’ own incompetence.

    As for your nonsense about evolution stopping, you really shouldn’t say anything about things you clearly know *so* little about. Declining life-expectancy isn’t evidence of evolution “reversing.” Life-expectancy is declining because of self-destructive behaviour like eating *way* the fuck too much of stuff that’s bad for people (or just way the fuck too much in general). And like sedentary, inactive lifestyles. Diets and behaviours that aren’t good for the health of the bodies evolution has landed us in.

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