Son of Dallas Homophobic Chuch Pastor Arrested in Police Sex Sting

jakes1Talk about timely. We asked you this morning if gay sex stings are inherently homophobic and now, news is coming out of Dallas that Jermaine Donnell Jakes, the 29 year old son of T.D. Jakes of Potter’s House, a homophobic megachurch pastor who has declared homosexuality “brokenness” and declared that he would never hire a sexually active gay person” was arrested for publicly exposing himself to police officers in a a gay sex sting in Dallas’ Kiest Park.

The Dallas Voice writes about the January 3rd arrest

According to an arrest affidavit, the detectives were conducting an investigation into citizen complaints of sexual activity when they observed Jakes and several other unknown males park their vehicles in the lot east of the park at 2106 W. Kiest Blvd.

The detectives followed Jakes into a wooded area, where he approached them with his penis exposed through his unzipped pants, the affidavit states. Jakes masturbated for several seconds while making eye contact with one of the detectives.

Jakes made no attempt to conceal his penis despite people walking and jogging on a trail nearby, the affidavit states. According to court records, Jermaine Jakes listed his place of employment as T.D. Jakes Ministries. Jakes was released at the scene after being detained.

T.D. Jakes is the founder of the Potters House, a 30,000-member church in South Dallas. A vocal opponent of same-sex marriage, he’s been criticized by HIV/AIDS activists for undermining prevention of the disease by stigmatizing homosexuality and drug use.

On same-sex marriage, Jakes once told USA Today: “To date, I have not seen scriptural authority that allows me to stand on behalf of God and say I now pronounce you husband and husband, and wife and wife. This is an issue the government is undecided about. The Bible is not.”

Jermaine Jakes’ attorney, Faith Johnson, issued a written statement this week.
“We are aware of potential allegations involving Jermaine Jakes and are undertaking our own investigation of these allegations at this time,” the statement said. “Given an apparent government investigation, we have no further comment at this time.”

Watch Dallas CBS-11’s report: