Out of this world

This song was written so that no human could sing it. Well, this human just NAILED it.

If you’ve seen The Fifth Element — and really, who hasn’t seen The Fifth Element — you’ll no doubt recall one of its truly iconic moments.

The curtains open on an intergalactic opera house, as a very non-human songstress gingerly steps towards the packed house.

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Soothing stings and flutes set up the tune, which progresses from an aria from the Mad Scene in “Lucia di Lammermoor” operetta to some combination of alien funk rock opera.

It’s in that second movement where things really start to feel out of this world.

You can hear that version below:

Enter Jane Zhang, who by all accounts just did the impossible (OK, others have also sung the tune and maybe she misses a few notes but still let’s let her have her moment) and nailed the Diva Dance.

The whole thing is wildly impressive, but the real action gets going around the 3:30 mark: