Watch: Sony Smartphone Commercial Features Singing Drag Queen

Sony Xperia Underwater Smartphone Application Rainy-oke Drag Queen Singing Commercial
Sony has released a collection of new underwater smartphone applications in which the new commercial for their underwater karaoke app features a red-headed drag queen singing in the rain.

The app, which is cleverly called ‘Rainy-oke,’ features a drag queen singing Cindy Lauper’s hit song ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun.’ Just as the queen begins to sing the rain starts to pour. The queen quickly gets soaked from the heavy rain, but she continues to perform and read the lyrics off of her new waterproof Sony Xperia Z1S smartphone.

This app is only one of many that Sony has designed for this new phone, which apparently knows when it’s getting wet and when it’s not. There’s even a clever underwater goldfish app in which the goldfish will begin to flop around if the phone isn’t in water when you open the app. Sounds kind of interesting… kind of…

Anyways, watch the fun drag queen commercial below and feel free to check out the Sony YouTube channel for more video ads of the creative underwater applications they’ve created.

Sony Underwater App – Rainy-oke