Sophie Ellis-Bextor Loves The Gays

It’s been six years since the world last heard from British pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Since the release of her last album, Read My Lips, the British-born Ellis-Bextor has been keeping busy with a new baby. Now Bextor’s back with a fresh aural offering, Trip The Light Fantastic. And, as happens, the 28-year old has been making the promotional rounds. She recently sat down with Gay UK to chat about the album, Madonna and her friend Mika.

Not surprisingly, journo Hassan Mirza delved into whether the curly-haired musician digs dick:

Mirza: Well as you probably know the gay media have kinda been after him – or rather, the media in general have been after him to talk about his sexuality. Do you think that’s fair to ask that? Do you think it’s right for him to say he’s not gonna talk about it?

Ellis-Bextor: I actually think he’s completely entitled to it. I know that Dan, someone I know as a gay musician, he was actually fine to talk about it, but it’s kinda beside the point. With Mika I kinda respect the fact that he doesn’t have to tell people everything. Why do we feel we have to know? I mean he’s got lyrics like ‘I tried to be like Grace Kelly, and I tried a little Freddie’. And if you want the answer, I think he’s kinda giving it to you.


Ellis-Bextor also tells Mirza that she hopes to perform at some gay clubs in The States. So, club promoters, you should head on over to Ellis-Bextor’s website and make her wishes come true. But, you may first want to check out the video for her new single, “To Catch You”, after the jump…