Sorry, Gaga: Christiana Aguilera Has The Gays’ Most Empowering Song Of The Decade

Christiana Aguilera’s 2004 Linda Perry-penned single “Beautiful,” which features a couple homos kissing and a man putting on women’s clothing, is the most “empowering” song of the last decade, according to a survey from the British advocacy group Stonewall. In second was Boyzone’s “Better,” which had the late member Stephen Gately appearing with another man. Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” came in third. Funny how Xtina’s brand of freaks resonated more than Gaga’s little monsters, ey?

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  • Lefty

    The “messages” of both Christina and Gaga’s songs are very simple. Christina’s is about self-image and not giving a fuck what anyone says to you (“sticks and stones…”, etc) and Gaga’s is about being born a certain way and therefore having no control over it (which to me is a passive stance, rather than empowering) – the huge difference is in the videos: Christina’s video is FAR more empowering than the song – okay, it illustrates the basic point of the song, but there’s nothing specifically gay about the lyric, it’s all in the video. But the video is far more gay than Gaga’s, which is just a semi-brilliant, semi-crap “epic” about nothing in particular.
    I have nothing to say about the Boyzone one because I haven’t heard/seen it, but again from the description it sounds like it’s the video that makes it gay?

  • Lefty

    …yep, just watched the Boyzone video. The lyric isn’t empowering in any way at all, nor is it anything to do with being gay – it’s purely because Stephen Gately gets loved up with another man in the vid, which is beautiful to watch and upsetting given that he’s no longer here.
    Strange choices, I have to say…

  • Kevin

    I find XTina’s song more empowering b/c of the omission of gay specific lyrics. The song reaches out to broader demographic without singling anything out. To me, that message of beauty in human kind is far more inclusive than Gaga’s blatant song

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    LMAO, the difference here is that Gaga actually wrote a song which celebrates being who you are while Xtuna didn’t write “Beautiful”, it was written by Linda Perry…a lesbian, and then Christina used the gays for publicity without ever giving a damn about gay rights or anything (unlike Gaga). Also while Gaga has openly said she is bisexual and considers herself part of the LGBT community but doesn’t use her sexuality for titilation instead gives fierce avant garde looks, Christina pretends to be a stripper/porn/star lesbian so she is seen as “hot” (which is ridiculous when nowadays she looks like Boy George with a blonde wig).

    I find Christina extremely hypocritical, I can’t stand the woman and I can’t stand her horrible strained growly grunting bark-like singing which is often off key, how is she considered a good singer? no idea…I suppose for the gays with the worst taste and the lowest intelligence anything screamed loud enough passes for amazing vocals.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Kevin: I agree. When gays are included naturally along with everything/everyone else under the banner of “beauty,” it makes more sense as a message.

  • Tom

    what is your basis for saying Christina “pretends” to be a lesbian. for all you know Lady Gaga could be the one who is pretending to be bisexual and Christina could be the one who is genuinely attracted to girls? have you been inside their minds? didn’t they so.

    and Christina could easily have left out the two men kissing in her video and this was what early 2000’s? The issue was a LOT more polarizing than it is now. big difference.

    and really Gaga doesn’t use her sexuality to provoke? oh really. that must be why in her past four music videos you can see her dancing in underwear…oh wait or was she born that way?

    and you’re one to talk about “taste.” It’s not just “teh gays wit bad taste” who think Christina can sing. Everyone knows that she oversings but it doesn’t mean she can’t. Lady Gaga has a voice that is better than the average joe…but it is far from being exceptional in the way that Christina’s voice is.

  • kayla

    I used to love this song…Now I’m a Beatles fanatic…everything else seems to pale in comparison…except the Rolling Stones…Still it’s very inspiring…

  • mikey

    @Adonis-of-Fire: Who cares who wrote the song anyway! Beautiful still sounds better, haven’t really gotten into born this way…

  • Spike

    Talk about a survey that reflects the me/now generations need for immediacy and need for relevance.

    The message that Beautiful offered remains current and enduring for all whom it spoke to back in 2004 to present.

    Check back in 8 years and we’ll see if the same holds true for Born This Way and/or will it be just one of many Gaga Message/Dance/Remix hits that brings back fond memories but never let the shallow end of the pool, i.e. Mondona’s Express Yourself.

  • Vevar

    omg queerty is the biggest gaga hater… here’s a hint u bunch of queens .. gaga is 4 the LGBT community.. this is one of the reasons why gays are still are where they are…. because of ppl like you who criticize our support -.-

  • thefiremarshall

    I think we should be celebrating the fact that we have more than one “gay anthem” to choose from. I’m sick of all these fan’s at each other’s necks trying to say their pop queen is better than the other. Just get over it, like what you like and stop trying to give people titles and labels.

  • Lefty

    @Vevar: Questioning isn’t criticising necessarily. Your position just proves the passive mentality: Gaga “supports us” so even if “you queens” don’t like what she’s saying shut up and accept it; beggars can’t be choosers!
    Also, it’s funny how Gaga’s more zealous supporters always seem to come into these pieces using detrimental language, assuming all those who don’t like her must be old or lack “taste” etc
    I’m a fan of Lady Gaga, but that doesn’t mean we have to constantly praise her in suppository form.

    Here’s someone far more eloquent than me on the whole born-this-way/i-didn’t-choose-to-be-gay justification and why it’s far from empowering.
    (that’s an old video and ZJ may be a Gaga/Born This Way fan for all I know, but what he says in the video is very true, I think)

  • rodrigo

    I have always loved beautiful by Christina. The reason that I like it better than BTW is that the lyrics are way deeper and Christina’s voice is way more powerful, empowering and engaging than gaga’s…and thats coming from a 21 year old!

    oh by the way, Queerty, she is called CHRISTINA not CHRISTIANA Aguilera…

  • Red Meat

    @mikey: What kind of a world do we live in where the authenticity of art and an artist is not important? If some artist painted over the real mono lisa to give it “his image” and “touch ups,” would that be ok?

  • zxc

    Beautiful is great song with great timeless massage. BTW is fake and meaningless. That’s the difference.

  • Adonis-of-Fire


    Christina might have a great voice but she is not a great singer, she strains ALL THE TIME and sings off key quite often, and while Gaga might not have a wide vocal range her intonation is far purer than Christina’s and she achieves some of the belted notes Christina screams with far more ease and resonance than Christina. For me Christina is the equivalent of a $100,000 Steinway being banged on by a stupid toddler, great instrument+horrible musician= sounds like shit

    On the other hand…someone who might not have such a great instrument but is a far better musician…is a better product overall.

  • Adonis-of-Fire


    Christina might have a great voice but she is not a great singer, she strains ALL THE TIME and sings off key quite often, and while Gaga might not have a wide vocal range her intonation is far purer than Christina’s and she achieves some of the belted notes Christina screams with far more ease and resonance than Christina. For me Christina is the equivalent of a $100,000 Steinway being banged on by a stupid toddler, great instrument+horrible musician= sounds like shit

    On the other hand…someone who might not have such a great instrument but is a far better musician…is a better product overall.

  • Adonis-of-Fire


    Exactly, when Xtuna was putting her album “Stripped” together she was looking for some ballads that would showcase her voice, she didn’t particularly care about the message and it didn’t come from within her, that’s why Linda Perry didn’t even wanna give her the song because she didn’t feel Christina truly understood the meaning of it, but Christina offered her more money…

  • Samuel

    Yeah, I couldn’t get past the fact you spelled it “Christiana.” Egregious.

    Also, I otherwise agree. Christina has a better voice and her videos are not absurd. And Beautiful is 100x better of a song than Born This Way. Gaga might have written Born This Way, but frankly she’d have been better off hiring Linda Perry to write an anthem. Leave the lyric writing to the grown ups.

  • Qjersey

    Isn’t Christina the one who accused Gaga of being a man/drag queen. Yeah that’s supportive.

    Xtina has talent, but she couldn’t find the exit out of the recording studio without a producer leading the way.

  • Tom


    uh where are you getting these details…”looking for some ballads to show off her voice”? where? this is the second time I have to ask you for the basis of your statements.
    The idea that Linda Perry didnt want to give her the song is just plain bullshit. Pink wanted the same song and Linda didnt give it to her. She thought about saving it for her own career but then decided Christina had the perfect vocals for it.

    and no Christina does not “strain all the time”
    and Gaga’s intonation is pure? the fuck? yea..about as pure as a chainsmoker honey. Have you seen the way she screams and bangs on her piano for “theatricality”? please stop kidding yourself.
    I like Gaga’s music too…but the undeserved praise you’ve given her is just embarrassing.

  • Devon

    Xtina didn’t try to bring back “Oriental” with her anthem, so I’m gonna go with her…

  • sidewalk

    Lady Gaga’s song is way better because she has severed heads and people in skeleton makeup in her video. Her message is so awesome, that people are born with severed heads or looking like Day of the Dead skeletons.

  • Adonis-of-Fire


    Oh I see…so you are a Xtuna stan…well then, nothing left to discuss, one cannot argue about good singing with someone who is not capable of hearing when a note is off pitch or when someone is straining

    But just as an education I’ll leave these videos for everybody else

    Christina’s vocals exposed (all her vocal flaws pointed out and explained with examples)

    Christina Aguilera v/s Real Singers (examples of her horrible strained off key barking compared to how real singers achieved higher more resonant belting)

  • SKOC211

    I’m a die hard Little Monster but most of the comments on this post are petty and stupid.

    “Beautiful” is, well, a beautiful song though it’s more generalized. Christina didn’t write it, but most pop stars don’t write their own music, so I’m not going to fault her for that.

    “Born This Way” is a fun, straightforward, and celebratory dance song. Gaga wrote it herself and her raison d’être is empowerment of her fans and support of the LGBT community.

    “Beautiful” seems to be saying, “It’s okay, you’re beautiful, no matter what they say.”

    “Born This Way” seems to be saying, “Fuck the haters, you’re a superstar.”

    I personally find “Born This Way” more empowering – when life sucks I don’t want a moody ballad, I want an upfront and upbeat celebration to get me out of the rut. But they’re both great songs.

    Now as an artist, I can’t stand Xtina. I think she ruined a once powerful voice with her vocal histrionics and croaking. It just sounds forced and unpleasant nowadays. I just saw Gaga live two weeks ago and she sounded unbelievable – controlled, on pitch, and powerful.

  • Mike

    Why hasn’t anybody brought up Perry’s Firework in this discussion? Does that song not deserve to be compared to BTW and Beautiful?

  • DavyJones

    @Adonis-of-Fire: I suppose if you’re a true audiophile nitpicking things like those videos might have a point. However for most people, it’s a matter of “Did I enjoy listening to that” [Yes/No]. If he enjoys listening to Christina sing, as many people do, who the hell are you to say, “She’s a terrible singer because on these notes she doesn’t sound like she ‘should'”.

    The irony here is that the song is about not having to fit into other people’s definitions of ‘perfection’…

  • Tom

    you are such a fool. all singers strain at same point or another (this includes Lady Gaga). You said that Christina strains ALL the time. This could not be further from the truth (but does not suggest that I am saying she never strains)

    and good job. in the two times you replied to me, you cherry picked which points to address.
    You didn’t bring up the sexuality point again and you didn’t mention Linda Perry again or the basis behind your statements. Coincidence?
    and back to point about bad taste…Rolling Stone said Christina is one of 100 greatest singers of all time. Does that mean Rolling Stone has bad taste? If Rolling Stone has bad taste, then why did Gaga choose to be on their cover, not once but twice?

    Christina has gotten numerous awards for vocal ability including the Grammies. Does that mean whoever has ever given an award to Christina has bad taste? I doubt it.

  • Chris

    Christina didn’t even write that song. Nor was the song about LGBT people. Just the music video.

  • alan brickman

    Christina is talent and truth….

  • Enron

    Interesting, just listening Christina’s Beautiful on my iPod, way more better than Gaga’s atrocious non catchy non-sense. Again, I have a standard, Christina’s Beautiful is soothing and empowering.

  • Adonis-of-Fire


    Babydoll love muffin, Taylor Swift has just as many Grammys…is she a great?
    And Beyonce has 16 Grammys, does that mean she is better than Whitney and Barbra combined?

    Also, in the rolling stones list you stans like to parade so much…Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan (two people who didn’t sing well in tune) were included in top 20, and Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Martin and other accomplished vocalists were not even included…so there goes your list, it wasn’t an assessment of vocal merit but just a list based on personal opinion.

    Anyways, if you are a Christina stan you should know Linda in interviews has said she initially didn’t want to give the song to Christina because she didn’t feel she understood the meaning.

    And yes, Christina has NEVER sung a sustained note above say C5 with some level of strain.

  • Adonis-of-Fire


    LMAO, Christina has never sung a note C5 that doesn’t have some level of strain, she just screams and growls and strains, she can’t sing those notes cleanly like for example Mariah in her prime.

    Anyways, Taylor Swift has just as many Grammys, is she a great singer?
    Beyonce has 16 Grammys, is she better than Whitney and Barbra combined?

    And that list you stans like to parade so much…Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan (two people who didn’t sing in tune) are in top 20, while accomplished vocalists like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald are not even included, so there goes the validity and unbiasedness of that list. It was a vocal assessment, it was based on personal opinions.

  • Adonis-of-Fire


    Cutey hunny, interpretation and beauty of a voice are up to personal opinion, however…intonation and timing are not, and neither are other things based on science such as the correct way to place the voice for optimum freedom and resonance.

  • Kammm

    Funny how “Beautiful” was in the decade of 2000-2009. “BTW” wasn’t released until this year, so technically, it would be the gay anthem of this decade.

  • Marc

    Sorry guys, Christina’s song wasn’t written for the gays.
    The VIDEO was gay positive, but the song? ….she didn’t even write it.

    Get a clue!

  • Tom

    why do you keep double posting?

    and oh really? Linda said that? and where exactly did she say that she ended up giving Christina the song because she offered more money? or did you make that part up to try to make Christina look bad?

    and there you go, Lady Gaga did work for “Rolling Stone,” (twice) a company that makes biased lists.
    and she also attended the grammy awards, an unaccredited association that hands out awards to undeserving people….(oh wait didnt she receive one too?)

    and like I said, she strains with some notes sometimes. To say she always does is stupid. and to say she’s a bad singer because of these “sometimes” is stupid. and to say that Lady Gaga has a “pure voice” in comparison to Gaga is equally stupid. Pointing out Christina’s strain with a C5 note while ignoring the countless number of times Lady Gaga’s voice has cracked during performances. real nice.

    oh and I really, really want you to bring up sexuality again. I dare you.

  • Tom

    “to say that Lady Gaga has a “pure voice” in comparison to Gaga”
    that was a typo lol

  • Adonis-of-Fire


    Gaga doesn’t use her sexuality to sell as she is not considered “hot” the way Grace Jones wasn’t considered hot, but she understands that when she uses her sexuality she objectifies herself, and she does so as an artistic statement. On the other hand Christina denies that a hyper sexed image she presents objectifies her in any way and she sees it as empowering, and in that sense she is a hypocrite and an idiot.

    And no baby, I don’t need to make Christina look bad, she did it herself with Bye-onic, Floppesque, cancelled tour, the 40 lbs she gained in a month, the divorce, the binge drinking, the lewd behavior, the superbowl screw up, the alleged failed intervention, and a voice in steady decline.

    And yes, someone who strains a lot and sings off key enough to make 2 videos of 10 minutes each showing her vocal failure…is not a great singer, much l less “the voice of our generation” as her stans claim.

  • Tom

    do you realize how ridiculous you sound…she objectifies herself as an artistic statement lololol you sure do have a way of reading minds don’t you? oh wait no you just like assuming to know what Lady Gaga understands and what Christina sees.
    and let me ask again…how do you know it isn’t Christina who is genuinely attracted to women? how do you it isnt’ Gaga who says she is bisexual to get attention? Oh right you don’t. Don’t make me ask you this for a third time. cuz you sure like accusing Christina of shit like “pretending to be a lesbian”

    uh okay. You brought up a lot of points about Christina’s recent shortcomings. That doesn’t answer my question about where you got the idea that Christina got “Beautiful” because she “gave more money to Linda”

    and final question. if Christina isn’t the “voice of a generation”…is Lady Gaga, “the voice”? you know..with her lovely pure vocal chords. lol

  • Steven

    All those songs suck.

  • Red Meat

    and once again, everyone proves that Lady Gaga matters, its what everyone can’t get enough of, making this the 43rd comment.

    Hypocrites and haters rejoice and love yourself today

    cuz baby you were born this way.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    The voice is Whitney, not some Mariah mini-me doing the same tired runs Mariah did 20 years ago, but off key and off tempo. If anyone can be considered a technically good vocalist to stand next to Whitney/Mariah then that is Beyonce (and I don’t even like her, but at least she doesn’t sound like a street dog choking on a chicken bone when trying to belt out).

    Anyways, in response to your question…why would Linda Perry give the song to Christina if she had already refused it to Pink who was having a big success with her sophmore album and who pretty much unearthed her after she was forgotten a decade ago, and alse refused it to Courtney Love who in the world of rock has much more street cred, and also initially refused it to Christina? The answer is obvious.

    And why is it that if Christina is indeed bi and not just teasing to feed her oversexed image that she hasn’t done 1/10 for gay rights in 10+ years of what Gaga has done in 3 years? Putting guys kissing in a video is nothing compared to personally mobilizing people to fight against DADT.

    So babygurl, sit your ass downE.

  • mudgeboy

    What a beautiful song. Loved it.

  • Marc

    Beautiful is for and about everyone. That’s the key. And btw is like “hallo fags i wrote anthem for you in 10 min and you have to take it and be grateful and kiss my ass. And there is something about beige people and orient as well.”

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    “beautiful” is like someone trying to convince himself he is worth it, while “born this way” is about actually being empowered. One comes from insecurity and weakness, while the other one comes from power and pride.

  • Seth

    God this is the board for Mariah/GaGa fanboys today. They’re both good songs. GaGa will make you want to dance and Christina’s voice will stop you cold in your tracks. I like both but Christina Aguilera’s was a game changer for pop music and truly beautiful.

  • dani

    I’m thrilled that the most empowering song of the decade was written by a woman who also identifies as a lesbian, GIRL POWER!

  • Eko

    Gaga has categorised all gays as ‘her little monsters’… Xtina’s video actually shows two guys with nothing special, being gay.

    Hate me, but Gaga’s promotion of gays is just patronising.

  • Rafi D'Angelo

    Gay people make my head hurt.

    I don’t understand how you can be SO FUCKING PASSIONATE about someone you’ve never met. In the grand scheme of things, both Gaga & Christina are both products of the pop music marketing machine. Christina has a unique voice. Gaga has a unique sense of self. Both of those traits have been pounced on and spoonfed to you people under the guise of “artistry.”

    Just enjoy the music and move on.

  • Jim

    Decade or not. Christiana did it in the 2000s. Gaga did it for the next decade. So really how is there even an argument?

  • mattsy

    Beautiful is a great ballad, and then about a month later,remixed into a GREATER dance song by Peter Rauhofer. And the video made tears in my eyes.
    Born This Way is a fun song with a creepy video and is def a #2 on the list!

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    @Rafi D’Angelo:

    Unique voice my asshole, Rachel Lampa and Stacy Orrico have similar tonality to her, and her singing is a bad flawed copy of Mariah circa 1990.

  • Tom


    Clearly we are never going to agree about whether or not Christina is a good vocalist or not. My opinion is that she is and you think she is not. But if Christina is by your standards horrible, how can you possibly think Gaga has a good voice? that still boggles my mind. I’ve watched enough Gaga live performances to know that she makes a TON of mistakes.

    and honey, yea okay. everything in the music industry is obvious. the workings of linda perry’s mind are obvious. The dynamics in the relationship between Perry and Christina are obvious.
    and really? so what if Pink’s sophomore album was doing well? So what if Courtney had more “street cred”? You would think, if Pink’s sophomore was doing SOOO well, she could have outbid Christina lol.

    and oh yea, Christina is not bi because she is not an activist. I spend all day cooped up in the library reading about biology. Have I ever done anything remotely close to activism? uh no. Oh I guess that means I’m not gay. lololol GREAT LOGIC YOU GOT THERE.
    I could just as easily say that Gaga’s motivation for making some poorly written speech about the “prime meat of America” is to solidify her status among teh gays and therefore encourage the gay sheep to buy her album.

  • divkid

    jeez, all the fuss…

    to break the deadlock i suggest a compromise candidate.

    one who combines the unique looks of gaga; the vocal talents of xtina; and as a bonus, the fashion sense of britney..
    — it’s SuBo, bitch!

    oh and the lgbt angle?
    well, she looks like a bit m2f. if your honest, c’mon. just sayin’.

  • jacknasty

    Um, Gaga’s song was released in the current decade, Christina’s was released in the last decade

  • Jeff

    Umm, they weren’t even made in the same Decade. Doesn’t matter though, Christina is a drunk, lonesome, jealous, “singer” who can’t even remember lyrics.

  • GeriHew

    Yes. Should be “of the last ten years” because the songs actually belong to different decades.

    Anyway as far as empowerment goes Lady GaGa gets my vote because she sings about the Bis & the Trans (and the Straights) as well as the Gays & Lesbians. I like both songs and their videos though.

    For what it’s worth I think GaGa and Christina are both bisexual women who are more into relationships with men than women. Kinsey 2s if you like. I don’t think there’s anything fake about being a Kinsey 2 – if that’s the way you are then that’s just what you are.

  • Bonita Bizarre


    I’m flatly annoyed with Lady BlaBla’s self-appointment as our leader, gameshow hostess, spokesperson and mommy dearest. If you want to support a group that needs it, do so. But do it out of a sense of wanting to do the right thing, not endless self-promotion and pandering to a market demographic (and certainly NOT by simply deciding you’re a megaphone for a that community). Empowering people to speak for themselves is a lot more relevant than speaking FOR them… and please, enough of the long suffering, non-included, mocked, ignored, ‘mother monster’ persona. It’s common knowledge she lived a life of privilege, and grew up wanting for nothing (at least in a material sense). Get off the cross – and stop stapling bubble wrap, pot-roast and cigarettes to everything you wear. It’s looking like Bjork mixing meth and acid.

  • jacknasty

    @Bonita Bizarre: She is a very famous, public figure and is trying to lead people towards acceptance and equality, I don’t really see how you can be upset about that. Your comments would be justified if she said “I speak for all gay people” or “I should be the only leader you follow”. Instead she uses her position to bring attention to issues, like when she lead the rally about repealing DADT. Personally, I think it is great when artists that have a big gay following support and embrace their issues their fans face. I would much rather have somebody like Gaga than somebody like Britney who doesn’t use her fame to benefit anybody but her handlers’ bank accounts.

  • eyesiq

    First of all everyone needs to stop talking about vocal ability and “looks”. Those things have almost nothing to do with these songs or the list they were put on. The list is about ongs that were found to be empowering (whether or not they were technically within the last decade or not). I think it’s rather obvious that Christina’s “Beautiful” is the no. 1 choice. Yeah, it was written by Linda Perry who was a lesbian, but the song, like the video, is universal. It speaks to gay/straight/trans/anorexic/bullied/different/or generally anybody with a negative self-image about how no matter what the world or anybody in that world says you are undeniably beautiful just the way you are.

    Yeah that sounds pretty similar to Gaga’s anthem of being “Born This Way”, but consider this: Christina’s song was written as a generic pop song for a mass audience where as Gaga’s song was written expressly for the gay community. The Christina/Perry song puts the gays right in with everybody else and acknowledges that the pain they feel is just the same as the pain anybody, gay or not, could feel. In a word: equal. Lady Gaga’s song has a much more separate-but-equal undertone to it. I’m not saying that this makes it an offensive or bad song. It just means the song misses the biggest gay civil rights issue of the past decade, hell the past century.

    It’s the understated message of equality that makes “Beautiful” much more powerful and sincere than Lady Gaga’s song.

    Brass tacks, this Queerty post isn’t about the singers’ vocal abilities. It isn’t about their music videos. It isn’t about their personal advocacy of the LGBT community. It isn’t about their personal lives at all.

    It’s about the songs and what those songs mean to this generation of LGBT people.

    And really? Lady Gaga’s song is only No.3. Out of all the songs produced over the past 10-11 years that’s nothing, NOTHING, to be upset over.

  • sfdiub


    “do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind” no because katy perry sucks

  • sfdiub

    why do the gays hate GAGA so much???
    seriously shes on ur side – if anything gaga’s constant expression of her love of the gay community would piss of a lot of people

    in america and around the world anything regarding homosexuality is a touchy subject and GAGA has chosen to sing and talk about something that most pop stars today choose to avoid – not only does she talk about it but she talks about it with conviction

    if anything i think that GAGA’S BORN THIS WAY is a representation of her love for the LGBT community whereas xtina had linda perry (a lesbian) write the song for her

  • sfdiub

    has anyone seen christina on the voice recently shes like an annoying femminist bitch who thinks shes better than everyone – she used to have a good voice but it has diminished because of her constant oversinging

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